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Petra Heidenreich

Petra Heidenreich | My call from the wild

My call from the wild actually began with domesticated animals like horses, dogs, and cats, followed by a dying deer and other wildlife in Germany. Many strange things happened to me, which were not explainable, but the story I want to share took place when my former husband and my two boys immigrated with me to Canada and bought this very special place with 320 acres in beautiful British Columbia. […]

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Gay Bradshaw

Gay Bradshaw | Why the Caged Bird Does Not Sing

“No bird soars too high if he soars with his own wings.”  –William Blake It is usual and customary these days to forewarn with disclaimers such as “the following material contains scenes of a disturbing and violent nature” and “discretion is advised.” What typically follows are scenes of violence and its victims. Yet you will see no such cautions posted in “pet” stores or zoos, for one plain and simple […]

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Deb Hirt

Deb Hirt | The twentieth hour

The grandfather clock is ticking in its corner nearly ready to explode with its chimes at the twentieth hour. The open window is welcoming the warm breeze that has been entering throughout the day, the curtains fluttering with each breath. It is approaching twilight, and the sun has given its final goodbye kiss for the day, the afterglow just barely caressing the horizon with its warm, orange-red blanket. The geese […]

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Dana Visalli

Dana Visalli | Seeing through ecological eyes

A friend commented recently that she was walking along “thinking about food and sex and the other favorite subjects of the human mind,” when she was startled out of her reverie by a wild animal. Surely the human mind is the all-time great Storyteller of the universe. It gathers its initial material from the physical world, transforms that material into airy conceptual imagery (known as “thought”), scrambles the ever-growing mental […]

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