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Corinne McLaughlin and Gordon Davidson | The Divine Plan

The following is an excerpt from Spiritual Politics (copyright 1994 by Corinne McLaughlin and Gordon Davidson, pages 236-240). This excerpt discusses the Divine Plan for Earth and humanity. It is often difficult for humanity to understand the reality that God, the Great Architect, would create an overall structure (the Earth), a game plan (evolution of consciousness) and rules (karma, or cause and effect, and reincarnation) and then leave human beings free to […]

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Rabbi Michael Lerner

Rabbi Michael Lerner | The Jewish response to injustice

Jewish theology holds that there is a karmic order, so that evil actions will not always run the world. Justice and compassion are both essential to the survival of the planet.  Unlike many religions that focus on individual sinners and imagine that they will be punished in some future not currently verifiable—for example in a heaven or hell after life, or in a reincarnation in some form that provides rewards […]

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Wendy Kennar

Wendy Kennar | I remember

I remember bits and pieces from the night my son was born. Taken together, these fragments form a quilt of memories. These snapshot memories are full of textures, smells, sights, and sounds that transform the day previously known only as my mom’s birthday into my mom’s birthday and the day my son was born. My son and Grandma would forever be “Birthday Buddies.” I remember my determination to have a […]

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April Salzano | Praying for Red Lights

I AM SITTING ON THE TOILET, bent in half, pushing. Oh God let it be over soon, get it out, get it out. My uterus spasms, contracts, retracts, then goes slack. I feel myself wrap around the clot, as if it is attached to my cervix by a string, as if every push causes a pull on a connecting fiber. I just want it to let go and get out. […]

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