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Thaxson Patterson II | The Magic of FX

On April 13, 2014, legendary producer Richard Marx Zaqentez was honored at the Skirball Center Auditorium by the New York University’s Tisch School of Art for his contributions to the art of cinema. This is the transcript of the unedited video recording of Mr. Zaqentez’s speech to the gathered crowd of aspiring film artists. Start of Transcript. 00:00:00:00 SPEAKER: [Tommy Tripp, one of the biggest movie stars in the world, […]

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C. Spivey | Basic income in four tales

Bes awoke in spilled Cheetos. Wiping orange residue on her pink Equine Adventures t-shirt, she freed herself from the lone sheet tangling her legs. Before even going to the bathroom she trudged, bleary-eyed, to her PC in the corner of her bedroom. She needed to hurry to log in to Ultimate Fiction XIV. It was raid day and she was late. “Oh no.” Her fingers hovered over the keyboard as […]

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Mitchell Toews | The peacemongers

After a summertime ballgame, we sat in the shade of the playground’s toboggan slide and somehow the conversation wandered from baseball to the philosophical. Our Mennonite elders taught us peace and how to live in a congregation and a community. Our greatest collective efforts as a people were directed at prevention and resolution. Other, less noble, efforts concerned denial and a refusal to face the conflict that found us. Sometimes […]

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Vidya Vasudevan | When the trees nodded their assent

The judge put down the newspaper with a sigh. The news was depressing. From neighbors battling over water, family property, parking slots, domestic violence, road rage and caste clashes, it was clear the warring mindset was firmly entrenched. The sound of the doorbell brought him out of reverie. The judge stared at the visitor on his doorstep. Dressed in simple attire with a sling bag, the judge did not immediately […]

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