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Leea Glasheen | Cuperport

“All docking stations start to look alike.” Jorian heaved his backpack off his right shoulder and let it clunk onto the nicked and furrowed polycarbonate platform. Two months ago, Clarie would have protested with “the germs!” or “the thieves!,” but living on the conduit and staying in hostels in less than ideal ports had lowered her standards, or maybe she was just too fatigued to think about it. “Second time […]

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Arindam Bannerjee | Looney

WHILE RUNNING DOWN A PERFECT CIRCLE you have to accelerate. You cannot stop and if you do you’ll fall off the edge, where infinity awaits. Running down and falling are not synonymous. Just keep running; if you stop you’ll fall. There was a wild child named Looney. Once he asked his mom, “Why are all the planets round in shape? Why is Mars not square-shaped and the Sun not a […]

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Thomas Atkinson | Ruint Horse

I WAS SITTING in Miss Jerolee’s Trims ‘n Tans. It’s my grandma’s beauty parlor, my mom’s mom, and everybody calls her Miss Jeri, or just Jeri. Even me if anybody’s in earshot ‘cause she says she don’t look old enough to be a grandmother. She does. Dad used to say she’s “fighting the good fight” but spray tan and teeth whitener can only take you so far. The tanning bed’s […]

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Garrett Rowlan | Eve’s Apple

WHEN THE CONFERENCE ENDED, Eve left the hotel’s windowless room and refused a man’s invitation to have a drink. He was bald, overweight, and anyway she didn’t feel like being picked up. Her headache felt like a watermark behind her eyes. Returning to her room she fell asleep and woke at twilight. She felt better. She watched TV for ten minutes, knew that she didn’t want to sit here all […]

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