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Harry Youtt | Partners

Canoe and Swans Sometimes their canoe will coast, gliding over silence, in an almost-sunshine day that so far hasn’t begun to ripple the water. The two of them seem to know where they want it to go, even without clunk or splash of a guiding paddle. Her back leans warm against his shins. He feels her hair brushing his knees, as they watch the mist try to rise from the […]

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Barbara Jean | Partnership poems

Ménage a trois In my head, I live with an ideal husband; home by five, check in hand, gourmet cook (vegan, of course), bouquet of daisies, lover of verse. He’s tiny, sure (to fit in my head), but I can’t complain because he picks up after himself and never watches TV. I love a different man than he; up and down with the tides, sweet and generous with his time, […]

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Charlie Neadom | King David

I know of a father and a son who no longer speak. At least not to each other. One day son was honest with father and father excepted him for who he was. And they never spoke again – at least not to each other. And only rarely speak of one another, but on seldom occasions when certain names need mention it is never without that stare which cuts through […]

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Tiffany Lee Brown | And we

                the last friend leaves. the imprint of her daughter’s swish-and-fall remains on the ice sheet outside the garage door. these are good sports, these friends, to fall and laugh. enacting the deep silence of solo home: i stand in my slippers and listen. constant thrum of HEPA filters. staccato burst of water-churn from the new washing machine. scritchyhoo of fluorescent light over […]

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