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Charles Joseph Albert

Charles Joseph Albert | Disparity

We only honor the greediest– Carnegie, Rockefeller, Trump, Hearst– and never speak of more humble chiefs who chose to pay themselves less than a thousand times their workers rate. Just as no one remembers the name of the humble apartments behind the Vatican. When I was twenty I saw St. Peter’s, its orgy of polychrome marbles a shrine to papal conceit built by thousands of peasants. Did they go home […]

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Cottonwood 2017_cropped

Joe Cottonwood | Wells Fargo Bank

Noon, I’m next in line behind an old man. “I want to withdraw fourteen dollars,” he says. The teller, a young woman with a soft sweater, says “There’s only—let me check—yes—fifty-two cents.” “Are you sure?” “Yes.” She tilts her head. “Sorry.” The sorrow is genuine. He wears a pinstripe suit, frayed, wafting an ancient odor of smoke and earth. A smartly folded handkerchief, breast pocket, has a dark stain. His […]

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Jennifer Clark | Castaways

Here, we have all the bamboo we’ll ever need. Everyone eats. The millionaires and the least of us sleep in huts. Everyone, except maybe the Professor, wastes time planning to escape paradise. Even those of us brave and sure as the Skipper get caught up in the storm of life with little buddies who, no matter how hard or little they work, bungle our best of schemes. We dwell in […]

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Billy Thrasher | Commuting

(To Frost’s ‘Mowing’) The only sound was a million cars as one, with sleepy drivers sipping coffee; work bound. What is this all for? I thought to myself, bent arm in the window shielding the sun, lost in the windy push of static sound, rushing. Not only the cars could speak complaints of controlling higher powers; the drivers also claimed they have no self, as they grumble down the highway […]

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