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M. Stone | You’re a woman now

We all remember that girl the one who developed early in elementary school and bled on her desk seat. We avoided her like she had a disease more scandalous than mono. We dreaded the day our own bodies would betray us. The novelty of “being a woman” faded fast. We scrambled to hide our shame with sweaters wrapped tight around our waists, panties lined with stacked sanitary napkins. Reeking middle […]

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Emily Bowles | You see me, a woman flayed

Last week I saw a woman flayed, and you will hardly believe how much it altered her person for the worse. — Jonathan Swift, A Tale of a Tub They saw me, a woman flayed. You will hardly believe how I saw myself when he treated me that way, how much it altered me a person her person mine for the worse. I see you watching the spectacle of my body […]

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Claudine Nash

Claudine Nash | Make a moment

My dear, you have done all that a shaken leaf can do. Please stop beating your heart for being who you are, and make a moment for forgiveness. When your breath stops rushing between lungs and lips, reach into this deepest fault and lift that unscarred part who knows the sky and light in you, who breathes your truest magic. Dear, please quiet those thoughts that spin your mind. Now […]

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Alice Mills | Selected poems

Naked Nine years older, my aunt accepted my worship carelessly. Between parties, she took me out on the river, told stories of men and liquor binges. I was eleven. I believed. We took off our tops to sunbathe on the open, deserted river. I envied her breasts. We let the little tin boat have its lead past clear springs that edged the brown cypress tea river. A small-mouthed cave yawned […]

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