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Lorraine Caputo | Poems by moonlight

NIGHT VOYAGE Platinum crescent moon boats upon the wind-waves mosaicked with stars Through cobwebbed empty spaces Spirits tango to the rhythm of night That breeze whispers through open windows, caresses my dreaming body — DYING YUNGAS MOON I. The near-full moonlight seeps through quilted clouds raveling, revealing a pure-white orb. II. The dusk thunder that had rolled through these deep jungle valleys has silenced. Its lightning still pulses white from […]

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Margarita Serafimova | Poems

Your neck was my hunting field. The hollow in it was a crater of the moon. I was tripping on it in weightlessness. — The white afternoon moon, the airplane that passed in the previous air, the boats standing in their own reflections – everything is your wake. — Margarita Serafimova has been shortlisted for the Montreal International Poetry Prize 2017. She has two collections in Bulgarian, Animals and Other Gods (2016) and Demons […]

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Maya Shaw Gale | Sympathy for the moon

Oh Moon, have you ever grown tired of playing second fiddle to the sun? Of only recycling second hand light with no shimmer or shine of your own, No fire in your belly to keep you warm, No roaring blaze at your core? Do you ever resent that the passion you inspire never touches Your own pock-marked shore, never brings you lovers To worship and adore? Only a few guys […]

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Aju Mukhopadhyay | Il pleut

It rains torrentially after long drought and disorder; it rains drenching the empathetic scraggy soil of the heart it rains moistening the rocks of anger crags of revenge and cracks of depravity it rains covering the jealous holes with purity healing the undesirable crevices of the being it pours incessantly to fill up the gaps of deceptive caves of life it rains inside me constantly stretching the cramped limbs softening […]

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