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Emily Levine | How I made friends with reality–and peace with death

In this TED talk from April 2018, comedienne Emily Levine shares with us her journey to make friends with reality — and peace with death. Life is an enormous gift, Levine says: “You enrich it as best you can, and then you give it back.”   Like what you’re reading? Please consider a contribution to keep The MOON shining. Click here to contribute via our secure PayPal link, or here for our Patreon page, […]

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What happens after tragedy? Forgiveness…

On one awful night in 1995, Ples Felix’s 14-year-old grandson murdered Azim Khamisa’s son in a gang initiation fueled by drugs, alcohol and a false sense of belonging. The deadly encounter sent Khamisa and Felix down paths of deep meditation, to forgive and to be forgiven — and in an act of bravery and reconciliation, the two men met and forged a lasting bond. Together, they’ve used their story as […]

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I’m here to share facts | An interview with Supaman

Native rapper and fancy dancer Christian Parrish Takes the Gun talks about his responsibility as a Native artist–to educate–but always with humor and love. “I want people to leave my concerts feeling good; feeling better than when they came.” Having experienced three of his concerts I can affirm that they do. Sharing is caring:

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Acosia Red Elk | Our issues are in our tissues

World champion jingle dancer Acosia Red Elk has literally walked through fire to become poised and grounded in her identity–a world champion jingle dancer, cultural ambassador, and healer through her hybrid form of yoga she calls Powwow Yoga. In this interview, she shares the wisdom she’s gained from her journey and her hopes for helping people to release the issues in our tissues to experience the joy of reconciliation. Sharing is caring:

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