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Retrieving our collective soul

What is soul? Why would we need to retrieve it? How could we “lose” it? Soul is variously described as our essence; that part of the self that animates and survives the body; the part that is connected to Source, or God, or however you might name that which is eternal. “Soul” also connotes gravitas; empathy; wisdom, as distinct from intelligence; the state of being fully in touch with one’s […]

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Thanissara | The wind intends to take away our footprints

Its name is ≠Koaxa, while the Europeans call it Haarfontein; and it was at Haarfontein that Smoke’s Man saw the wind. He saw the wind but thought it was a !kuerre-!kuerre bird, and therefore, he threw a stone at it, and it burst into wind, it burst out blowing, it blew hard, it blew fiercely. It raised the dust, and it flew away and went into a mountain hole: and he, […]

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Peggy Turnbull | The Hill Tribe of Women

The hill tribe of women live among clouds on emerald slopes in Appalachia. They wear handmade adornments, dichroic glass earrings, dream-catcher pendants, and bead necklaces. To console bereaved neighbors they make music together, it entertains children and soothes a sad soul. It’s hard to befriend them. They’re very selective, you must prove your compassion for children and the earth. They started as hippy, do-gooder idealists. A longing for justice burns […]

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Audrey Addison Williams | Healing the soul of America

“How many times do we lose an occasion for soul work by leaping ahead to final solutions without pausing to savor the undertones? We are a radically bottom-line society, eager to act and to end tension, and thus we lose opportunities to know ourselves for our motives and our secrets.” — Thomas Moore, Care of the Soul: A Guide for Cultivating Depth and Sacredness in Everyday Life The “soul” of America […]

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