Contributors to the January 2018 issue

Tiffany Lee Brown is a writer, editor, and interdisciplinary artist in Oregon. Her writing has appeared in Utne, Tin House, Slow Trains, Art Access, Oregon Humanities, the Northwest Edge anthologies, and various other places over the years. For more of her work, please visit

Peter and Jennifer Buffett are the co-founders and co-directors of the NoVo Foundation, whose mission is foster a transformation from a world of domination and exploitation to one of collaboration and partnership.

Anne-Marie Charest is the founder of, which helps clients cultivate inner wisdom, authentic voice, meaningful purpose, and bountiful joy through transformational journeys for the wellbeing of self, community, and the planet. She holds a Ph.D. in transpersonal psychology and studied the shamanic traditions of the Kalaalit Eskimo of the far north, Greenland. Her Eskimo name is Sanna.

Leslee Goodman is the publisher/editor of The MOON.

Barbara Jean is a poet, songwriter, singer and entrepreneur in western New York. She has been published in the Voice de la Luna, The Literary Nest, and has received four consecutive ASCAPlus awards from ASCAP, the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers. The Non-Prophet, her companion homage to Kahlil Gibran’s The Prophet, was published in 2014 under the pen name Arena Jabbar. She is presently working on her first comprehensive collection of poetry.

Margaret Karmazin’s stories have appeared in literary and speculative fiction magazines in the U.S., the UK, Germany, Australia, Canada, Romania, and New Zealand, including Rosebud, Chrysalis Reader, North Atlantic Review, Confrontation, Mobius, Another Realm, Pennsylvania Review, Front Porch Review and The MOON. Four of her stories have been nominated for the Pushcart Prize and “The Manly Thing” was nominated for the 2010 Million Writers Award. A children’s book, Flick-Flick & Dreamer, and a YA book, REPLACING FIONA, were published by; and a collection of her short stories, RISK, is available on Amazon.

Charlie Neadom is always trying to find new ways to look at the same things and is probably at this moment puddle-jumping somewhere in the Pacific Northwest. Visit

James Norris has been a member of the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers since 2010 and is working on three novels, the first of which, The Order of the Brotherhood, is a work of dystopian speculative fiction set in a prison and investigates the value of democracy in an America that has largely forgotten it.  He’s also written several short stories, one of which, “Izzie Tells No Lies,” will be published in the February 2018 issue of Fantasia Divinity.  He’s also written several spec teleplays, the latest of which, “Project Ωmega” is currently under review at Amazon. He lives in Idaho with his wife and three creatures of the canine and feline persuasions, where he is pursuing his Ph.D. in physics.

Lama Rod Owens is a tantric Buddhist teacher, who practices, studies, and teaches secular mindfulness and is a teacher with Inward Bound Mindfulness Education. He is active in social change work and co-authored a book with Rev. angel Kyodo williams and Jasmine Syedullah entitled Radical Dharma: Talking Race, Love and Liberation.

Ian Woollen lives and writes in Bloomington, Indiana, where he is lucky enough to walk to his day job in psychotherapy. His short fiction has surfaced recently in The Stickman Review, Bridge Eight, and Fiction Southeast. His new novel, Muir Woods or Bust, published by Coffeetown Press, in Seattle, is available on Amazon.

Harry Youtt’s poetry is frequently published in literary journals and has garnered several Pushcart Prize nominations. He’s the author of six collections, the most recent of which is Outbound for Elsewhere. He has conducted poetry workshops and readings throughout the United States, as well as in Ireland, England, and Wales. A member of the editorial board of the international Journal of Consciousness, Literature and the Arts, he lectures internationally on topics related to consciousness, creativity, poetics and literature. For several decades, he has been an instructor in the UCLA Extension Writers’ Program.

Maria Yraceburu is an author, theatrical director, healer, counselor, teacher, elders’ guardian, and energy scout. She has worked with many notable shamanic and metaphysical Wisdom Keepers of the world, such as Kahuna Kalei’iliahi, Alberto Villoldo, Beatrex Quntanna, Dr. Sharron Stroud, and Kahuna Leilani Birely, and has helped to bring Earth Magic to life. She hopes to continue to bring her unusual range of intuition and keen ability to speak to the heart of the matter to further the evolution of Earth Magic for more people.

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