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Ross Gay

Ross Gay | Some thoughts on mercy

I WAS IN my garden, walking aimlessly with sickle in hand, taking swipes at the plantain that had erupted into tiny flower heads or at the blowzy red clover growing in tall thickets and slurped at by bumblebees. I walked with absolute freedom, barefoot behind the house I own, in the garden I had built with a joyful toil unlike any other I’d experienced: nibbling the blueberries and what were […]

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Raul Ramos y Sanchez | A Return to Cuba Thaws Cold War Fears

AT THE HEART of almost every Cuban-American family is a tragedy. Most of us were torn apart from loved ones by the passions of ideology. In some cases, this included fear of reprisals and imprisonment. Many also lost personal property. Wounds like these do not heal easily. So my first visit to Cuba after 52 years in exile began with heavy apprehensions. From the airliner’s window, my first glimpse of […]

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Jacqui Meisel

Jacqui Meisel | Simple Pleasures

MY SON MATTHEW has Down syndrome and autism. Just so you know, he makes life in our house rich. Rich is code for “sometimes it sucks and we celebrate just getting through a tough day.” And rich is also code for, “He may be retarded, but he’s nobody’s fool,” as well as “Might as well set aside stress and move more slowly because that’s what is.” When we go out […]

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Petra Heidenreich

Petra Heidenreich | My call from the wild

My call from the wild actually began with domesticated animals like horses, dogs, and cats, followed by a dying deer and other wildlife in Germany. Many strange things happened to me, which were not explainable, but the story I want to share took place when my former husband and my two boys immigrated with me to Canada and bought this very special place with 320 acres in beautiful British Columbia. […]

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