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E. F. Schumacher | Buddhist economics

Buddhist countries have often stated that they wish to remain faithful to their heritage. So Burma: “The New Burma sees no conflict between religious values and economic progress. Spiritual health and material well-being are not enemies: they are natural allies.”1 Or: “We can blend successfully the religious and spiritual values of our heritage with the benefits of modern technology.”2 Or: “We Burmans have a sacred duty to conform both our dreams and […]

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Guy Standing | Why a basic income

It is from the champions of the impossible Rather than the slaves of the possible, That evolution draws its creative force. — Barbara Wootton Since at least Thomas More’s Utopia of 1516, many thinkers have flirted with the idea of a basic income – everybody in society receiving a regular amount of income as a right. Some have recoiled at the effrontery of the idea; some have mocked it, as […]

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Karl Widerquist | My own private basic income

I have a private basic income – a small, regular cash income without means test or work requirement. It’s probably large enough to meet my basic needs. And I got it thanks to privilege, nepotism, and two big lucky breaks. My first big lucky break happened in 2009 when Georgetown University hired me as a philosophy professor on their campus in Qatar. Georgetown-Qatar, which is funded entirely by the Qatar […]

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Brock Travis

Brock Travis, Ph.D. | Trauma to peace

Several years ago a very nice lady called me on my way out of the house, “We want you to teach mindfulness for veterans.” I said, “You know, I’m not clinical anymore.” She said, “I know, I read your website.” I said, “You know, it’s spiritual now.” She said, “I know, I read your website.” I said, “Who did you say you were with?” She said, “The VA.” I said, “Veterans […]

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