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Jack Belck | The rights of plants

There can be no gainsaying that the growing concern among prosperous nations for the rights of animals—beyond issues of blatant cruelty and neglect–is long overdue. Can there be any among us not sympathetic to the woebegone cow,  a victim of artificial insemination, who will never know the love of a bull? Who is not empathetic with the befuddled Momcat, peering uncomprehendingly over a bridge railing as her newborn disappear downstream […]

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Rick Blum | Rain man for hire

Over the last few years we’ve experienced some of the most extreme weather since the fabled “year without a summer” of 1816. From a record number of floods nationwide in 2016, to six years of drought conditions across California that finally relented this year, people are unsure if we’re experiencing the predicted consequences of global warming or just the beginning of the apocalypse. At least in 1816 the dramatic weather […]

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Anna M. Alkin | Telling the bees

One winter I spent lying in bed, suffering from the darkest episode of depression in my life. For months, I was unable to work, read, or eat much of anything. I managed to avoid almost all contact with the outside world. The only relief I experienced, if you can call it that, was looking at the tree outside my third-story window. It felt as if that tree were my only […]

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Zohara M. Hieronimus, DHL | White Spirit Animals

White Spirit Animals, Prophets of Change explores the practice of shamanism and trans-species telepathy with regard especially to five land mammals, all of them matriarchal societies, where mother and offspring are the centerpiece of each animal’s culture and longevity. This ethos of care has been lost from human society in general, which these terrestrial mammals urge us to restore. White Spirit Animals are all white-coated unlike their other family members. […]

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