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Collections | The search for the missing whole

“…you are not trying simply to complete a set of books or toys or Weetabix cards, you are trying to complete yourself, to get back to the whole person you were before, as a child, before the obstructions and compromises of adulthood got in the way. And yet, all you are really doing is accumulating a pile of crap, souvenirs of the futility of the quest.” ― Neil Perryman “Every […]

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Ruby | Why we collect

I meet Tom R. in front of the Faux Museum, in Portland’s Old Town. He offers me tomatoes from his garden as he’s unlocking the front door.  Slogans in the windows: “Home of the Woolly Ant,” and “Oldest Museum in the World!” “Sometimes I can hear people standing outside and reading the signs aloud and laughing,” says Tom. “Oddly enough, those people never come in.” Tom is charmed by my […]

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Garrett Rowlan | To the cloud

Every waking was the same, a probing of darkness, and a slow discovery of herself. Her hands, under the bed covers, explored her body, established its contours. First she got a body, a new body, and later a new name. Skinny or fat, she was still alone in the bed’s narrow, solitary dimensions. It was always like this. She woke new, with some part of her left behind, as if […]

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Caleb Parkin | Joy’s Kitchen

The milk-bottle tops have become a golden pyramid; a tomb before time.   Someone must be able to use this stuff.   The newspapers the death of each day growing up the walls.   Someone must be able to use this.   The pieces of string twice the distance from the middle to the end: still not long enough.   Someone must be able to.   The cutlery which related […]

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