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The Power of One | How We Each Make a Difference

When we think of individuals who made a difference, we often go grandiose: Christ, the Buddha, Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King, Jr., Cesar Chavez, Gandhi. People who changed the course of history; who inspired thousands—if not millions—of followers. We think of them as powerful, but none of the individuals above were wealthy, or backed by an army; only one even held political office–and that was following many years […]

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The power of one | Movies You Might’ve Missed

The Trials of Muhammad Ali is a 2013 biography that focuses on Ali’s toughest bout: his battle to overturn a five-year prison sentence for refusing U.S. military service in Vietnam. Prior to becoming the heavyweight champion of the world, Cassius Clay converted to Islam, taking the name Muhammad Ali. Shortly thereafter he found himself in the center of conflicts concerning race, religion, and wartime dissent. The film, by director Bill […]

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Paula Rudnick | Femme fatale and house call

FEMME FATALE I wasn’t a feminist when I was young, before I found out about the bhurka’d women whose husbands came home to beat them and the Botox’d women whose husbands came home to screw the nanny. I didn’t know about the 10-year-olds raped by mothers’ boyfriends or the 14 year-olds pimped on city streets or the 20-year-olds stoned in villages for getting pregnant out of wedlock while their lovers […]

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The butterfly effect | An interview with Julia Butterfly Hill

When I first heard about Julia Butterfly Hill in 1997, she was a waif-like twenty-three-year-old living in a thousand-year-old redwood tree in Humboldt County, California. Earth First! activists had named the tree “Luna,” in honor of the full moon that had guided them as they’d built a platform in its branches. Hill wasn’t the first activist to “tree-sit” — others had been taking turns occupying the tree for several days […]

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