Bridge to freedom

 By Jackie Goodman


This postcard series is based on my journey to dance class (ballet or West African), through which I’ve discovered aspects of myself I didn’t know existed, and through which I’ve also discovered curiosity as a helpful way of being or attitude.  I’ve learned to surrender to the process, trusting it to take me where I’m meant to go.

Postcard 1 is called “Bridge” because the drive to dance class is the bridge to this new or different place within myself. There’s some wise part of me that is older than I am (certainly more mature) that urges me there. I understand that my life is more what it’s meant to be as a result of listening to her.

Postcard 2 is called “Breathing” because when I get to class, I begin to move and warm up and open myself to being led or guided, and also, to interacting with others in the dance (African is better for this than ballet).

Postcard 3 is called “Flow” because at some point in the dancing, something elemental takes over and I realize I am speaking with my body about life; about crops and children and community, for example, in African class, or about precision, grace, and beauty in ballet class. The great thing about speaking with dance is that there are no words to get caught up in. It’s pure movement communication.


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