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Invisible people | Movies About Homelessness

Invisible People This is the website that inspired the current issue, as it has inspired countless others, with its compelling video interviews with homeless people–who explain how they got into their current circumstances, and how they hope to get out…or at least continue to survive. One, for example, tells the story of Heather, a San Francisco resident who has a bullet lodged in her back. She worked through the pain […]

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The new localism | Acting locally, sharing globally

It’s said that nature abhors a vacuum. Perhaps human communities do, too. In the absence of federal leadership–in the United States, anyway–to address climate change, maintain infrastructure, protect the environment, deliver public services, provide healthcare for all, invest in sustainable economic development, and address a host of other issues, states and cities are picking up the slack. Moreover, the new localism, as it’s being called, is advancing these causes with an […]

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Invisible people | MOON Shine

“If your brother becomes impoverished and his hand falters beside you, you shall strengthen him, whether he is a stranger or a native, so that he can live with you.” – Leviticus 25:35 “Housing will never solve homelessness, but community will.” – Alan Graham “A castaway in the sea was going down for the third time when he caught sight of a passing ship. Gathering his last strength, he waved […]

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Tricia Knoll | On what makes home

Angel Today’s angels do not wear tutus or ballerina shoes, carry sparkle wands, braid their hair with feathers or sing soprano. The one I know is trans-gender, has gray hair, wears a paper rose, blends into a crowded train station, and carries peppermints in one trench coat pocket for those who trust that sweets melt differences between people with iron-man tattoos or crosses at their neck. Since few trust, in […]

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