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Modern soulcraft | Reimagining our stories, ourselves

It is said that, “The world is made up of stories, not facts.” Stories are how we make sense of the world, guiding our decisions in countless unconscious ways. If we believe that life is dangerous and “you can’t be too careful,” for example, we will behave very differently than if we believe that testing oneself against risk is what makes life a meaningful adventure. If we believe that life […]

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Reimagining our stories, ourselves

The Journey of the Universe is an Emmy Award-winning documentary and companion book project by cosmologist and evolutionary philosopher Brian Thomas Swimme and religious historian Mary Evelyn Tucker. The 2011 film traces the history of the cosmos—from the original “flaring forth” (“the Big Bang”), through the creation of galaxies and of a planet (Earth) that could support life, through the emergence of humans and their amplification of consciousness through the […]

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Sharon Blackie | What do women want?

One day King Arthur was hunting in the forest with his men when a deer stepped briefly into view and then just as suddenly vanished into a tangle of trees. “Stay here,” Arthur told his men. “I’ll stalk this one myself.” With his bow in one hand and his arrows slung over his shoulder, the king crept after the deer until, deep into the forest, he slew it finally with […]

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Philomena van Rijswijk | To her mother’s country

The old road was lined with white heath. At first, Florette had called it Erica and would hold it up to the children’s ears to shake the dry taffeta bells. Sometimes, there was devil scat in the middle of the road. It had bones in it, and quickly grew a beard of white mold. The children called the growing mounds Old Man’s Whiskers, and somehow got the idea mixed up […]

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