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Karl Widerquist | My own private basic income

I have a private basic income – a small, regular cash income without means test or work requirement. It’s probably large enough to meet my basic needs. And I got it thanks to privilege, nepotism, and two big lucky breaks. My first big lucky break happened in 2009 when Georgetown University hired me as a philosophy professor on their campus in Qatar. Georgetown-Qatar, which is funded entirely by the Qatar […]

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Joe Cottonwood | Wells Fargo Bank

Noon, I’m next in line behind an old man. “I want to withdraw fourteen dollars,” he says. The teller, a young woman with a soft sweater, says “There’s only—let me check—yes—fifty-two cents.” “Are you sure?” “Yes.” She tilts her head. “Sorry.” The sorrow is genuine. He wears a pinstripe suit, frayed, wafting an ancient odor of smoke and earth. A smartly folded handkerchief, breast pocket, has a dark stain. His […]

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Sharing the wealth | Economics for a small planet

What would you do if you didn’t have to work for a living? Paint? Dance? Take care of your family? Volunteer? Join the Peace Corps? Start a business? Travel? The current global economic system doesn’t work for most of us. By “doesn’t work,” I mean there aren’t enough jobs to employ everyone at an income sufficient to cover housing, health insurance, debt (including mounting student loans), and retirement. That trend is expected […]

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E. F. Schumacher | Buddhist economics

Buddhist countries have often stated that they wish to remain faithful to their heritage. So Burma: “The New Burma sees no conflict between religious values and economic progress. Spiritual health and material well-being are not enemies: they are natural allies.”1 Or: “We can blend successfully the religious and spiritual values of our heritage with the benefits of modern technology.”2 Or: “We Burmans have a sacred duty to conform both our dreams and […]

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