Conscious partnership

This issue of The MOON explores conscious partnerships: relationships whose participants have explicitly come together to achieve a common purpose–grow spiritually, create an intentional community, solve a social problem, or—as in the case of our lead interview with Peter and Jennifer Buffett, create a world based on collaboration and partnership rather than domination and exploitation!

In contemplating this issue, I was particularly interested in partners who have come together not necessarily to procreate, but to co-create, as Barbara Marx Hubbard famously said. Being conscious in both one’s personal life and public life is doubly challenging; there’s no place for our shadows to hide. Jennifer and Peter Buffett, co-founders of the NoVo Foundation, graciously describe how the journey to heal the issues in their own relationship has informed their work to bring healing, collaboration, and greater partnership to the world.

We can also enter into a conscious partnership with Mother Earth, as Maria Yraceburu encourages us to do. We can even become more conscious in our relationship with ourselves, as this issue’s conversation with Lama Rod Owens, describes.

Anne-Marie Charest contributes an essay on the gifts of a conscious marriage; we have fabulous fiction by James Norris, Margaret Karmazin, and an excerpt from Ian Woolen’s novel Muir Woods or Bust (on the fall-out from an unconscious relationship); as well as poetry on partnerships by Harry Youtt, Barbara Jean, Charlie Neadom, and Tiffany Lee Brown. Plus, there’s Movies You Might’ve Missed and inspirational quotes in MOON Shine.

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