Preserving the wild humans | Postscript


This issue of The MOON includes all of last month’s issue and three new contributions–an essay by Chumash fire keeper Art Cisneros, a short story by Gary Ives about a missionary’s son adopted by an indigenous tribe of the rainforest, and a new Movie You Might’ve Missed, Children of the Amazon. by Brazilian filmmaker Denise Zmekhol, who also took the beautiful photo above.

The MOON has been on hiatus while your editor has taken a fulltime job raising awareness and funds for the Carlton Complex Long Term Recovery Group, which is working to rebuild 40 homes for people who lost them in last summer’s wildfires.

The MOON will rise again in January–a new MOON for a new year–and I will update the editorial calendar to reflect that. Thank you beloved MOON readers for your patience and support!