Forgiveness | No irredeemable people

Who among us doesn’t need forgiveness? I’m not talking about forgiveness from the Divine, but from our fellow travelers on this planet.

And who among us hasn’t struggled with forgiving others? Somehow, it’s one of the hardest things we’re called to do.

This month’s contributors explore forgiveness from many angles. Our interview is with Sita Lozoff, the co-founder of the Human Kindness Foundation, which sponsors the Prison-Ashram Project, encouraging incarcerated men and women to use their time in prison for spiritual growth. We also share an exchange of letters between an inmate and a former inmate, who now volunteers with HKF helping others walk the path of forgiveness and nonviolence in the most challenging circumstances.

Other personal accounts this month include “Truth, then reconciliation,” in which a Jewish woman writes of her struggles with her proselytizing Christian mother-in-law; one daughter’s death-bed apology to her father; another daughter’s account of her mother’s refusal to hold a grudge; and Rebekah Fraser’s discovery that reframing an incident from her past can eliminate the need to forgive her mother.

We have SIX fabulous short stories this month: The Migrant, about a holocaust survivor, which reads like a harrowing memoir; The Bell Tower, in which a clergyman learns to see his young parishioner more compassionately in order to keep her from committing suicide; Harbor from the Cold, in which a man’s generosity to a stranger turns out to be more poignant and meaningful than he could ever have imagined; Valeria and Oskar, in which a beloved niece and her fiance are shunned for a crime they didn’t commit; and Dance through the funk, which describes a married couple’s continual work to forgive. Then, in Redemption, we get a humorous look at a strongman “debt collector’s” path to the straight and narrow.

And poetry! Our poets this month include Stefan J. BroidySuzanne Cottrell, Joe CottonwoodMelanie Figg, Cristina M.R. Norcross, a narrative poem by Lorraina Nyanza, and two poems from Lisa Rhodes-Ryabchich.

Plus, Movies You Might’ve Missed (but shouldn’t!) and MOON Shine.

As we close the door on 2017, I’d like to thank all of The MOON’s writers and contributors for your submissions and support throughout the year. As your editor, I was hard-pressed to choose 19 (19!) selections this month from scores of excellent offerings from many corners of the world. Thank you for your work–and your generosity in sharing it. There would be no MOON without you.

Thank you, too, to The MOON’s faithful donors. You are the ones who keep her shining.

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Finally, in this month of holidays and holy days, may we aspire to understand each other, forgive each other, embrace each other, and celebrate peace on Earth.