She lives | Resurrecting the divine feminine


WHY do we need a divine feminine?

One might as well ask, “Why do we need two parents?” Or two poles? Or two hemispheres?

The divine feminine is the necessary complement to balance the divine masculine. It takes two equal halves to make a complete whole.

In this issue of The MOON we hear from individuals–men and women–who have made the psychic and spiritual journey to discover and reconnect with the divine feminine–the goddess energy that gives birth, nurtures life, loves nature and beauty, is fertile, wild, dark, and free-flowing.

Our interview is with Dr. Jean Shinoda Bolen, renowned Jungian analyst who has written thirteen books on the archetypes–both male and female–that live in Everywoman and Everyman. We share powerful essays–including two from men: Tim Ward’s “Why would a man search for the goddess?” and Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee’s “Embracing the beloved;” and two from women: Svetlana Meritt’s “Coming home to the Black Madonna” and Rev. Karen Tate’s “Goddess spirituality and social justice.” Our poetry section is chock-full of great poems this month–by turns powerful, poignant, thought-provoking, and irreverent. There’s a short story by your editor, plus MOON Shine, Movies You Might’ve Missed, and more.

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