Collections | The search for the missing whole


Baby Jesuses, collected by Michael M., photographed by Ruby

Why do we collect? Is it pure acquisitiveness, or does collecting express a deeper need? Orhan Pamuk, Nobel Prize-winning author of The Museum of Innocence, says that objects have the power to transcend time and space. We find a movie stub in a jacket pocket and are suddenly transported to that rainy afternoon in the darkened theater. Collections also tell stories. “Once you put two or three, or five objects in an exhibit in a museum, these objects tell a story,” he says.

This issue of The MOON showcases the sensibilities of guest editor, Ruby, who wrote our lead essay on “Why we collect” and also photographed the collectors whose viewpoints she shares. Our interview this month is with Xavier de la Forêt, a primitive skills practitioner and instructor, who talks about collecting wild food, while his wife, Rosalee, a clinical herbalist, contributes an essay on collecting the puzzle pieces that lead to health. Also in Essays/Memoirs, Sarah Westwood writes about her recently completed heartbreak collection, while Vasiliy Safin ponders missing pieces on a cross-country road trip.

The MOON has stellar fiction this month by Brian Doyle, Matthew Harrison, and Garrett Rowlan, and exceptional poetry, as well. Check out Caleb Parkin, Marlon Mayfield, Anuja Ghimire, Gerald Stanek, Larry Thacker, Ed Higgins, and Sharon Fedor. Plus, as always, there’s MOON Shine and Movies You Might’ve Missed.

Sitting here at my desk each month, I’m continually filled with gratitude and amazement as pieces to each month’s “collection” come in via cyberspace. The gifted, generous, willing-to-be-vulnerable human beings who share themselves with The MOON’s readers are the reason there’s a MOON magazine. Without them, these pages would be empty. One day I hope to be able to pay these writers in that currency known as “cash money.” Your support will make that day possible. SO…

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