The MOON will rise again in 2017

1002079_1280x720Dear Readers,

The MOON will rise again in the first quarter of 2017!

Stay tuned for all the features you’ve been missing, including in-depth interviews with visionaries and change-makers, great essays, personal stories, fiction, and poetry from your favorite MOON authors, MOVIES You Might’ve Missed (but shouldn’t), MOONbeams, and more.

It’s been a long and polarizing year, full of disturbing headlines, acts of inspirational leadership–and quite a few precious and surprising victories. That’s why the January issue will address the theme, “We were made for these times.” If you would like to contribute something on this topic, please see the submission guidelines. We look forward to reading your work!

EVEN MORE EXCITING, The MOON will now appear quarterly in a print edition (join our mailing list and subscribe now), and FINALLY,

The MOON will sponsor periodic special events. Our first offering is a year long journey around the Inca Medicine Wheel, beginning February 10-13, 2017.

Looking forward to joining you in community through these pages.