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brian j doyle with a border

Brian J. Doyle | The Lutheran minister’s daughter

Her name was Fairly, which she also spelled Fairlee and Fairli, and which people misspelled in every sort of way, like Fairley and Farley and Fairy and Ferry, and of course her brothers called her every sort of mangle of her name, Furry and Flurry and Fatty and Flatty, mostly from affection but sometimes not; one of the first things she learned as a child was that even people who […]

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Nancy Wakeman

Nancy Wakeman | Annunciation

Imagine Mary, a glib girl full of wistfulness, stumbling along a red dust road in the heat of summer, basket loaded with impossible tasks, thoughts miles away from her feet. Joe says she is fine, his foxy lady, his melancholy baby. Mary wants more than life as a wife, sweeping up sawdust, tweezing splinters from scabby fingers. She wants to be wooed, to be lifted aloft with the power of […]

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Jenean McBrearty

Jenean McBrearty | Reardon’s red hat

A light snow was falling as Charlie Reardon left the diner and made his way down Madison Street. A year ago he was Father Reardon, pastor of St. Peter’s Church. Respected. Listened to. According to Archbishop Flaherty, he had a future. His mother had traveled to the Vatican on the life insurance money she got when his father got run over by an Amtrak train. She saw the Sistine Chapel, […]

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Margaret Karmazin

Margaret Karmazin | Redecorating

I lived two years as a female before surviving my surgery and now look good enough to draw catcalls from the street boys. Though born a male, my mind and soul are those of a straight female. Traditional and romantic, what I’ve always wanted is what women used to want in Lucy’s & Desi’s day: a wedding in a white dress (or cream in my case; white washes me out) […]

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