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Leslee Goodman | From Honduras to here–on foot

WHEN MY FRIEND CARMEN walked in on her husband bedding a sixteen-year-old neighbor, she did what many self-respecting women would do: turned around, walked out, and kept on walking. From Honduras to the United States, a distance of more than 2,000 miles. “Vé te!” her father said, agreeing with her decision. “Go! There’s nothing for you here. Nothing but more children your husband won’t support!” Still, her decision was a […]

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Steve Backshall

Steve Backshall | Tiger Wars

The Clan moved through the undergrowth in a silent wave, tuned so finely to each other’s movements that communication was barely necessary. They were clearly human but glided as effortlessly as a pack of hunting dogs, with a gait that was neither tiptoeing nor running. Not a single crunch of dry leaves or crackle of broken twigs marked the passing of their bare feet. Every minute or so, one of […]

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Katie Pugh

Katie Pugh | Wild Flower

Outside the hospital window, the leaves looked greener, a soft but effervescent emerald. When the sun shone, it was brighter, a buttery beacon. Even the rain lulled, soothed, wrapped around her senses like a blanket. Pippa stared into the world outside, her head turned away from the door; away from the two men and Bobby, her two-day-old baby. “Bed rest,” the doctor said to Donald, her husband. She didn’t hear […]

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James Valvis

James Valvis | Big Alabama and the Drum Sticks

Because my sister has a talent for hitting things, Big Alabama decides she wants to be a drummer in a rock ‘n roll band like Led Zeppelin whose exploding blimp is painted on her jean jacket. She wants to be like her hero Keith Moon who has an extended drum solo on one album so she runs out and purchases a set of drum sticks. Unfortunately she can’t afford the […]

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