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Stephenson Muret

Stephenson Muret | A Lucky Day for Crocodiles

Once within a barren waste a fruitful tree grew tall. Also within the barren waste a hungry elephant slogged. Though perhaps too predictable, it is true: One day they met, these two. As you might suppose, at first sighting the fruitful tree and its limbs sagged with dripping delights, the hungry elephant shivered in the scorching sun. To raid this tree, he craved, to feast. But he is a famously […]

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Daniel Larson

Daniel Larson | CJ the prince

Conclusion THERE ARE STILL candles on the sidewalk where they shot him in the head two months ago — the big frosted-glass kind with Jesus on the side that you can buy at the Mexican grocery for ninety-nine cents. The flowers are fresh. The giant photo of him is still visible as you pass by in the team van, but the laminate is peeling from the top right corner, the […]

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Leslee Goodman | From Honduras to here–on foot

WHEN MY FRIEND CARMEN walked in on her husband bedding a sixteen-year-old neighbor, she did what many self-respecting women would do: turned around, walked out, and kept on walking. From Honduras to the United States, a distance of more than 2,000 miles. “Vé te!” her father said, agreeing with her decision. “Go! There’s nothing for you here. Nothing but more children your husband won’t support!” Still, her decision was a […]

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Steve Backshall

Steve Backshall | Tiger Wars

The Clan moved through the undergrowth in a silent wave, tuned so finely to each other’s movements that communication was barely necessary. They were clearly human but glided as effortlessly as a pack of hunting dogs, with a gait that was neither tiptoeing nor running. Not a single crunch of dry leaves or crackle of broken twigs marked the passing of their bare feet. Every minute or so, one of […]

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