Ten things you can do for World Toilet Day

If you’re reading this and you have a toilet, you are luckier than the 2.5 billion people on this planet who lack access to improved sanitation. More than 1 billion people still face the indignity of defecating in the open (some people say more than double that), and women and girls risk being assaulted while going to the toilet. Every year on November 19, UN World Toilet Day is a chance to get involved in the global movement for toilets and sanitation for all, raising awareness of the need for action to end the sanitation crisis. Sustainable sanitation is a matter of dignity, equality, and safety, and is crucial to improving the health and wellbeing of one-third of humanity. What can YOU do to help make “sanitation for all” a reality this World Toilet Day? Here are 10 suggestions:

1. Run in The “Urgent Run”

Participate in The Urgent Run or host your own event for this year’s UN World Toilet Day. The Urgent Run (www.urgentrun.com) is a global mobilization event to draw attention to the urgent calls for action to end the sanitation crisis. Last year, sixteen events took place in 12 countries, including Singapore, India, the Philippines, Indonesia, Ghana, Italy, Senegal, and Mozambique. If you can’t wait to see health, dignity and wellbeing for all through sustainable sanitation, join The Urgent Run, or hold an event.

2. Do a “Big Squat”

Hold a big squat and raise awareness of the more than 1 billion people who face the indignity of open defecation, which spreads diseases including cholera, typhoid, hepatitis and diarrhea. Stop, drop, squat and share! Get friends, colleagues, classmates or family together, invite people in the local community and squat in a public place. Take photos or video, and share them on YouTube, Vimeo, Vine, Instagram, Flickr, Facebook or Twitter. Use the hashtags #bigsquat, #worldtoiletday and #opendefecation.

3. Share

Access to sanitation would make life safer and healthier for 1.25 billion women. Join the global movement for toilets and sanitation for all, and raise awareness by posting on Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Vine or Tweeting this World Toilet Day. Show that you give a crap about toilets and sanitation, and raise your voice to call for action. Use the hashtags #wecantwait, #worldtoiletday, #opendefecation, #sanitation, and #igiveashit.

4. Become a toilet advocate

Clean and safe toilets are fundamental for health, dignity, privacy, equality and education. Contact your local representative, community leader, or member of parliament and let them know you care about public toilets in your area. Does your town need new public toilets? Are the toilets safe and accessible, clean and well-maintained? Is there an appropriate ratio of toilets for men and women, or “potty parity”? Talk toilets with your local representative today.

5. Watch

Watch a World Toilet Day playlist and share videos on Facebook or Twitter to join the call for toilets and sanitation for all. Here’s one to start with – meet Mr Toilet. Jack Sim is a man on a mission to end the sanitation crisis, and he started by tackling the toilet taboo. Meet the man behind the World Toilet Organization who is proud to be called “Mr. Toilet.”

6. Talk crap!

In 2013, 1000 children died per day from diarrheal diseases due to poor sanitation. These deaths are preventable, but what we don’t discuss, we can’t improve. Help break the “toilet taboo” by talking crap with friends and family, colleagues, classmates or neighbors: have a conversation, send an email, send a text, post to Facebook, and raise awareness of the importance of action on sanitation. (Maybe even share this post on Facebook!)

7. Toilet Selfie

Did you know that more people own a mobile phone than have access to a toilet? Next time you go to the bathroom, think about how lucky you are, and snap a #toiletselfie and post it to Instagram, Facebook or Twitter for World Toilet Day – and keep it clean! Let your friends know they’re lucky if they have access to a toilet and encourage them to join the sanitation movement.

6. Invest in toilets and sanitation for all

One third of the world’s population still lacks access to adequate sanitation. Donate to support the work of the World Toilet Organization at worldtoilet.org and your donation will go towards advocacy and awareness, and to support capacity building and social enterprise sanitation projects in Cambodia, India, and Mozambique.

9. Learn

Did you know that toilets and sanitation are considered a human right? In 2010, the UN General Assembly recognized sanitation and water as a human right, essential to the full enjoyment of life and all other human rights. Visit World Toilet Organization’s website worldtoilet.org and the UN World Toilet Day website unwater.org/worldtoiletday to learn about the sanitation crisis and how you can get involved.

10. Tell us what you’re doing

How will you commemorate UN World Toilet Day on November 19? Join the call for action to end the sanitation crisis on UN World Toilet Day, and share what you’re doing. Reply to @worldtoilet and @UN_Water on Twitter or email online@worldtoilet.org. Some of the best activities will be featured on the World Toilet Day website and in World Toilet Organization’s social media.


World Toilet Organization (WTO) is a global non-profit organization based in Singapore. Founded in 2001 by Jack Sim, WTO is committed to improving toilet and sanitation conditions worldwide. WTO addresses the sanitation crisis by empowering local communities through powerful advocacy, education, inventive technology and local marketplace opportunities. WTO has celebrated its founding day, 19 November, as World Toilet Day since 2001. In 2013 the UN designated 19 November as UN World Toilet Day.


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