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Beth D. Clary | A visit with a bear

There is a place where the loons glide smoothly across the lake, diving and surfacing with barely a ripple. Here my mind slows to the gentle lapping of lake water against a canoe. The wind sighing as it passes through pine needles soothes my soul. There is no schedule here. Sometimes, we awake in darkness to the cackle of the loons or the eerie hoot of the great horned owl. […]

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Anne-Marie Charest

Anne-Marie Charest | The gifts of a conscious partnership

As children, we are taught that princes and princesses live happily ever after. Unfortunately for most, this fairytale quickly turns into disenchantment with the tough reality and challenges that relationships create along the way. According to research published by Paul Amato (2010), 46% of marriages will end in divorce. By the time we are in our early teens, many of us will have already experienced firsthand the hardship and pain […]

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Maria Yraceburu  | Conscious partnership with Earth

A traditional indigenous relationship with Earth Mother and Creation is exactly that—a relationship. As an indigenous keeper of traditional wisdom, I am the result of generations of Holy Ones who worked in harmony with the entities of the Great Mystery…the unseen forces with whom we constantly exchange energy. My sense is that many of the people who are curious about a conscious partnership with the planet today have yet to […]

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Rose Shrader | You reap what you sow

I imagine my mom as a slender German girl, long strawberry-blonde hair, standing still in her school uniform in front of a gray and cheerless building, with all she owned in a suitcase, wondering when her mom would be coming back to get her. She did not know initially it was a German Catholic schoolhouse for disobedient girls or why her mom arranged for her to go there. Later on […]

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