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Kunichoff and Macaraeg | Chicago does reparations right

Somewhere between his 12th and 13th hour inside a Chicago Police Department interrogation room, Lindsey Smith decided to confess to a murder he didn’t commit. Multiple officers had pistol-whipped, stomped on, and beaten him, again and again. Convinced he would not otherwise live through the ordeal, Smith signed a false confession for the attempted murder of a 12-year-old White boy. At 17, Smith too was a boy. But with one […]

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Wendy Kennar

Wendy Kennar | Being ‘white’

A few months ago, our next door neighbor asked me if it’s ever been hard for my son to  grow up with parents of two different races. “No. It hadn’t even come up until he was in kindergarten, and his class was talking about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.,” I said. My son is almost nine; her grandson is three. Her grandson had begun asking questions and making comments about his […]

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Malidoma Somé | A year to make peace with fire

Welcome to 2017, a Fire Year. Those who understand the character of each of the elements in the Dagara cosmological wheel—Water, Earth, Fire, Mineral, and Nature—know that Fire kindles and sustains an animating and pervasive energy in all that lives. Fire is in the water that runs, it is in the trees, the rocks, the earth, and in ourselves. It is the mediator between worlds since it is very close […]

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Jose Ajpu Munoz | The Mayan calendar’s predictions for 2017 and beyond

The Mayan people have been keeping mathematical calendars for thousands of years. It was the ending of their previous 26,000-year-long calendar, on December 21, 2012, that gave rise to predictions of the end of the world. But, as is now obvious, “the end” was simply the ending of that calendar. The Sixth Sun Mayan Calendar—our present 26,000-year-long calendar—is a tool that allows people to remember that past, present, and future […]

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