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Carmela Orsini | Foul accretion

I sat at the back of the bus, a nice seat four rows from the last, a window seat like I like. It was a Mercedes bus from a little town in Austria headed to a little town in Germany. I fell asleep quickly as the bus wound its way across the border, taking the scenic route on purpose. I woke up shortly after starting, nauseous. I tried to ignore […]

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Dan Brook | Silver temple, golden water

I went to a silver temple in Chiang Mai, Thailand, but it’s not referred to as the silver temple, because the temple that is called the silver temple is just a few minutes away on the other side of Wualai Road. (Wualai, incidentally, means spotted cow in Thai and there is a statue of one on the street between the silver temples). The famous silver temple, Wat Sri Suphan, is […]

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Shawn Chang | My a-door-able summer school teacher

School, to me, is life. The space within the four walls of the classroom has always been the haven of my soul. I took summer school again last July, as I had always done. This time it was social studies in the morning and math in the afternoon. They each took three hours, with a short break halfway. The break for my socials class was from 9:30 to 9:45; for […]

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E. F. Schumacher | Buddhist economics

Buddhist countries have often stated that they wish to remain faithful to their heritage. So Burma: “The New Burma sees no conflict between religious values and economic progress. Spiritual health and material well-being are not enemies: they are natural allies.”1 Or: “We can blend successfully the religious and spiritual values of our heritage with the benefits of modern technology.”2 Or: “We Burmans have a sacred duty to conform both our dreams and […]

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