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Films on basic income

Two documentaries–one feature length and one short–illustrate the principles and possibilities of unconditional basic income. Basic Income: The Movie is a full-length documentary created by IDEMBasel as a basis for discussion preceding the 2016 Swiss referendum for a Basic Income to be included in the Constitution. (The referendum lost, but succeeded in raising national awareness about the concept and how it might work. Its sponsors say they will try again.) The […]

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Sharing the wealth | Economics for a small planet

Quite a few excellent movies on the economy have been released since the crash of 2008. Most have been mainstream releases, which I presume those interested have seen. If not, I recommend, in particular, The Big Short and Inside Job. Both will foment anger and frustration that the financial market behavior that led to the crash has not only gone unpunished, but with rare exceptions, its perpetrators have returned to […]

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Jennifer Clark | Castaways

Here, we have all the bamboo we’ll ever need. Everyone eats. The millionaires and the least of us sleep in huts. Everyone, except maybe the Professor, wastes time planning to escape paradise. Even those of us brave and sure as the Skipper get caught up in the storm of life with little buddies who, no matter how hard or little they work, bungle our best of schemes. We dwell in […]

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Thaxson Patterson II | The Magic of FX

On April 13, 2014, legendary producer Richard Marx Zaqentez was honored at the Skirball Center Auditorium by the New York University’s Tisch School of Art for his contributions to the art of cinema. This is the transcript of the unedited video recording of Mr. Zaqentez’s speech to the gathered crowd of aspiring film artists. Start of Transcript. 00:00:00:00 SPEAKER: [Tommy Tripp, one of the biggest movie stars in the world, […]

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