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MOON Shine | Economics for a small planet

“Equality of opportunity is not enough. Unless we create an environment where everyone is guaranteed some minimum capabilities through some guarantee of minimum income, education, and healthcare, we cannot say that we have fair competition. When some people have to run a 100-meter race with sandbags on their legs, the fact that no one is allowed to have a head start does not make the race fair. Equality of opportunity […]

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Billy Thrasher | Commuting

(To Frost’s ‘Mowing’) The only sound was a million cars as one, with sleepy drivers sipping coffee; work bound. What is this all for? I thought to myself, bent arm in the window shielding the sun, lost in the windy push of static sound, rushing. Not only the cars could speak complaints of controlling higher powers; the drivers also claimed they have no self, as they grumble down the highway […]

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Guy Standing on an economy that works for everyone

Development economist Guy Standing, of the University of London, has popularized the term “precariat” to describe a global social class whose most salient characteristic is precariousness. Standing blames neoliberal economic policies, globalization, automation, and outsourcing for the rising number of precariats, who, if not completely locked out of the economy, must increasingly compete for temporary employment at low wages—to the point that they can’t pay off student loans or consumer […]

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C. Spivey | Basic income in four tales

Bes awoke in spilled Cheetos. Wiping orange residue on her pink Equine Adventures t-shirt, she freed herself from the lone sheet tangling her legs. Before even going to the bathroom she trudged, bleary-eyed, to her PC in the corner of her bedroom. She needed to hurry to log in to Ultimate Fiction XIV. It was raid day and she was late. “Oh no.” Her fingers hovered over the keyboard as […]

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