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Melodie Corrigall | My birthday boy

TODAY IS THE DAY I am to gird my loins and rescue my grandchild Benjy from his dragon mother. I am stiff, bleary eyed and trembling and earplugs cannot silence the cacophony in my head. Instead of feeling fit and ready, the early morning sun swats my fragile eyes, every muscle aches and my ancient bones creak as I lift myself from my rumpled bed. I stumble towards the bathroom, […]

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Ricky Nelson

Ellen Woods | Got Your Back

IN NINTH GRADE EVERYTHING CHANGED. It was 1959 and I fell in love with Ricky Nelson, who became an overnight singing star the first time he sang on the television show Ozzie and Harriet.  I played his single, “Poor Little Fool,” on my RCA 45 record player, swaying with the music and imagining his eyes looking into mine. He sang his sadness at being jilted, putting me into a trance […]

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Samm Harper Panos

Samm Harper Panos | Smell of Sweet Daisy

Large mop of black curls perched on her left shoulder Face a blush red White T-shirt clinging to her bosom She tightened her clutch around my waist As the motorcycle Veered into the next bend Peering over the windshield the night hung on the mountains like a black Velvet curtain Lightning tore across the night sky as the bike lurched forward toward the Monsoon Daisy whispered into my ear in […]

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Wendy Kennar

Wendy Kennar | The A to Z List of Boys

As a public school teacher for twelve years, I began to notice differences in my classroom dynamics when I had more boys than girls. As a mother of a six-year-old son, I am noticing certain behaviors and attributes distinct from what I remember of my childhood growing up with a younger sister. After spending four years working in a public library and five years teaching kindergarten, I tend to want […]

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