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Nicholas Powers

Nicholas Powers | Affirmative Action Orgasms

“HERE,” I SAID, AND GAVE HER A PETITE, TOURIST SHOP BELL. “If you’re stressed out, bored and want an orgasm, ring it.” She stared at me and a cascade of emotions washed over her face. “Are you serious?” She asked. Sitting next to her, I placed it in her palm. “Want me to wear a bowtie and white gloves? You can call me Mr. Belvedere.” She playfully punched my chest. […]

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Dylan Ricker

David W. Ricker | Portrait of Dylan, Age 10

IT WAS A VERY WARM summer’s evening when my son Dylan set out to check his eclectic collection of homemade snares and traps. Along one of our old stone walls, he found a red squirrel in one of his traps.  The squirrel was apparently suffering from heat exhaustion, and was very lethargic. I was washing pots and pans and watched from the kitchen window as Dylan (accompanied by his little […]

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Paul Lamb | The most natural thing in the world

Our long Saturday is nearly done. The fire is out. The boys are in the cabin, and they’ve promised me they won’t sneak out after I’m asleep to get into trouble. Curt seemed to have a fine day, though it’s getting harder for me to read him anymore. He turned fourteen on Thursday, and Kathy made sure that his party was better than the thirteen that came before. It’s been […]

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Wonder of boys | MOON Shine

“The quickest way to create a boy or man who lacks compassion is to judge and shame his feelings.”  ― Michael Gurian “It’s about time that men got a movement. Think about it. Guys can’t play the piano, or dance, or sing. We can’t cry, or be too happy, or show any emotion for that matter. The only thing we have left to us is anger, and even that we […]

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