Samm Harper Panos | Smell of Sweet Daisy

Large mop of black curls perched on her left shoulder

Face a blush red

White T-shirt clinging to her bosom

She tightened her clutch around my waist

As the motorcycle

Veered into the next bend

Peering over the windshield the night hung on the mountains like a black

Velvet curtain

Lightning tore across the night sky as the bike lurched forward toward the


Daisy whispered into my ear in her broken English of her theories about love

She giggled and pierced her upper lip

Pelleted by rain drops then thundering

Showers of rain walked down my back

Daisy pulled into me; resting her mop next to my shoulder,


Pang in my heart then rush of tears; breathing into the image

Realizing and praying “why”

She appeared then vanishing into the horizon

Sweet Daisy had passed on year or so

around the 15th of November

Her smell, taste

Daisy, giggling, whispering,

My companion

Come again, we’ll ride soon.


Samm Harper Panos

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