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Angela Dale | For the grace of God

Last night I dreamed They offered me a casket with a radio In which to bury my child Alive   Yesterday the newspaper covered a rash of teen suicides With the topical balm of candlelight memorials To extinguished potential   Last Wednesday a quiet boy, but nice Opened up classmates with two kitchen knives Severing all ties   As of today the second grader’s been missed 42 days Divers have […]

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Coach Carter

The Wonder of Boys

There are so many great movies for and about boys, if for no other reason than most filmmakers are men and make films about what they know. Also, as Michael Gurian points out, “the hero’s journey” is largely a male archetypal myth: it describes the predominantly male imperative to leave home and “find himself”—often through losing himself—prove his mettle, get the “boon” (the treasure, the girl), and return to his […]

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Dan Kindlon and Michael Thompson | What Boys Need

WHAT BOYS NEED, FIRST AND FOREMOST, is to be seen through a different lens than tradition prescribes. Individually, and as a culture, we must discard the distorted view of boys that ignores or denies their capacity for feelings, the view that colors even boys’ perceptions of themselves as above or outside a life of emotions. We must recognize the harm in asking “too much and not enough” of them—in demanding […]

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Michael Gurian | Jack and the Beanstalk

ONCE UPON A TIME there was a mother and a son named Jack. Jack was becoming older and his mother thought, “Well, it’s time to give him a little more responsibility. Our cow is getting old and no longer gives milk. I’ll ask Jack to take the cow to the market and sell her.” Jack and his mother were poor people, so this was a big responsibility. If Jack failed, […]

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