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George Northrop

George H. Northrup | The miracle of my conversion

  I remember the exact moment in my last year of high school, standing at a juke box and listening to Bob Dylan. The new hymns were Mister Tambourine Man and Like a Rolling Stone. Sad-Eyed Lady of the Lowlands overtook that other Lady always dressed in blue and white. The old prayers didn’t work anyway, but we kept the incense and the wine. “Oh wow!”  and “Outta sight!” replaced […]

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Rabbi Michael Lerner

Rabbi Michael Lerner | The Jewish response to injustice

Jewish theology holds that there is a karmic order, so that evil actions will not always run the world. Justice and compassion are both essential to the survival of the planet.  Unlike many religions that focus on individual sinners and imagine that they will be punished in some future not currently verifiable—for example in a heaven or hell after life, or in a reincarnation in some form that provides rewards […]

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Martin Willits

Martin Willits | Selected poems

Opus 18 A house of yellow rain has fallen heavily on vast fields. What we do next depends upon too many possibilities, locked in a chest. This is why the world never gets anything done. Heat increases, clicking like a beetle.   Death has taken all the pretty colors. When someone asks what time it is, do not look for a clock on the moon; answer, honestly: It is too […]

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Bobbi Sinha-Morey | Selected poems

Quiet Song In the hush of summer twilight the trees give off a sense of listening, the dust of August in their leaves. The sky stretches tight, a man- dorla of cloud around the sun, the air soft as quills on my skin. Dusk begins to undress, and, wrapped in the presence of a nude starry heaven, the nakedness of my spirit is touched by drops of purity, that I […]

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