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The following is an excerpt from Spiritual Politics (copyright 1994 by Corinne McLaughlin and Gordon Davidson, pages 236-240). This excerpt discusses the Divine Plan for Earth and humanity. The MOON previously published this excerpt in January 2014.

It is often difficult for humanity to understand the reality that God, the Great Architect, would create an overall structure (the Earth), a game plan (evolution of consciousness) and rules (karma, or cause and effect, and reincarnation) and then leave human beings free to choose to carry out the Divine Plan or not! This is like a baseball game with invisible umpires, players who have to figure out the rules as they play the game, and confusion about what constitutes “winning.” Yet spiritual umpires enforce the rules through karma and reincarnation, while the players figure out the rules through painful trial and error, and Enlightened Teachers come to humanity to demonstrate what true achievement really is. All this has been designed by the Divine Intelligence to allow us the full play of free will, so that all gains in consciousness, all adherence to higher principles, will be chosen freely and thus ingrained in each individual’s consciousness and character. This is why the free will of humankind—the power of choice—is scrupulously guarded by spiritual law.

The main outlines of the Divine Plan have been revealed in many of the world’s inspired writings, such as the New Testament gospels of Christ, the Noble Truths of the Buddha, the Hindu Bhagavad Gita of Krishna, and the Jewish Kabbalah, as a way of being for humanity today and into the future. The Enlightened Ones, the Adepts, are said to be the custodians of the Divine Plan for human evolution, which can be translated as the manifestation of God’s will on Earth within the appropriate timing. The underlying objective of the Divine Plan is to unify humanity into a subjective whole, whose beauty and effectiveness, as an instrument of the Divine Will and Purpose, lies in its diversity and differentiated capacities. This is a vision of the synthesis of all nations and races and life on Earth into one mutually cooperative, planetary being.

This requires a unifying spirit of loving understanding and mutual tolerance, which will eventually develop into telepathic communication and the interplay of thought life. The Divine Purpose provides a regular and rhythmic progression toward unity and synthesis in all areas of life—subjective unity in consciousness with diversity in method and form. All that creates love, unity, cooperation, and the freedom and empowerment of the individual is therefore supported by the Enlightened Ones. Separateness, fear, and hatred are seen to be the result of unenlightened human attitudes and activities.

Unity, peace, and plenty

According to the Ageless Wisdom, the current goal of the Divine Plan can be summarized in three words—“unity, peace, and plenty”—significantly in that order. Unity in consciousness must first be achieved before there will be true and lasting peace, and peace is a necessary prerequisite for plenty, or true economic abundance. The first step needs to be the ending of separatism and the development of unity through ecumenical, interracial, and international movements of understanding. This will be fulfilled through the cultivation of goodwill and right human relationships, with education and enlightened public opinion as the major tools for change. From such a base, conflicts can be resolved through nonviolent means, such as mediated settlements. When there is a greater degree of peace in the world, it will enable the free circulation of food and resources to those who are most in need, ensuring abundance for all and an end to the fear and hopelessness in which a large part of humanity still lives today.

Peace should not be seen as a goal in itself, however, as it often becomes materialistic in purpose, an excuse to accumulate more consumer items. Peace is simply a temporary state of dynamic equilibrium between opposing forces, always evolving toward an ever-higher synthesis. For example, the tearing down of the Berlin Wall led to greater peace between East and West for a short time, but it was then followed by conflict about foreigners within a unified Germany. Peace at any price often becomes a deadening soporific, leading to complacency and stagnation. Change is essential for human growth.

In the political field, the Divine Plan is emerging as an international consciousness, making individuals aware that they are each part of One Humanity while still affirming their diversity. The spirit of international interdependence and cooperation will someday lead to a commonwealth of nations based on mutual need, support, tolerance, goodwill, and sharing.

In religion, the Plan will manifest as a worldwide understanding of the nature of the subjective realms, the dual spiritual and material nature of human existence, the immortality of the Soul, and the active presence, on higher levels of consciousness, of the Enlightened Ones. Eventually, this will lead to the fellowship of religions and coordinated planetwide modes of worship and invocation, led by those who are wise and compassionate enough to avoid the potential abuses of power.

In science, the Plan is expressed as a collaboration between the physical sciences and the subjective sciences, such as psychology, leading scientists to awareness of the etheric world. Scientific research will eventually be able to document the existence of the Soul and the effect of thoughts and feelings on the physical world.

Another facet of the Plan is to encourage the development of the mind in order to stabilize the emotions, thus helping to raise the consciousness of the masses to the mental level. At the same time, people already focused in their minds are being encouraged to develop their intuition and the faculty of spiritual insight and higher vision. The next step is listening to the wisdom of our inner Divinity—the Soul—and following its guidance in daily life. This leads to unconditional love and group consciousness, which will break the stranglehold of materialism and separative individualism on humanity.

Humanity’s role

It is the role of humanity to serve as a bridge among the various higher kingdoms—the spiritual realms of the Soul—and the kingdoms of nature—the animal, plant, and mineral worlds. As more and more of us come into contact with our Soul, our capacity to transmit positive stimulation and the energy of love to the natural kingdoms increases, greatly aiding their evolution. This is already being demonstrated through the changing attitudes of many people toward the environment. We are beginning to view the life of all beings on the Earth as a human responsibility to be loved and cared for, rather than as a resource to be exploited solely for our own use.

The energy that flows from this attitude towards nature is profoundly healing and stimulating to the growth of both the human and the nature kingdoms. Animals—both the wild creatures and those who live with humans—are stimulated in their evolutionary development by human emotions. The animal and plant kingdoms benefit tremendously when there is loving contact with human beings, which has been demonstrated in the interspecies communication between humans and whales or dolphins, and through experiments with human and plant communications. (See The Secret Life of Plants and Kinship with All Life.)

The Plan does not focus primarily on each individual’s material case, comfort, and happiness. Rather, its purpose is to allow each of us to gain every possible experience in all phases of existence. This enables us to discover for ourselves the values of the spiritual life and to use our free will to choose greater cooperation, loving understanding, right relationships, freedom, and empowerment.

Knowing this larger Plan helps us transcend our attachment to physical and mental forms, so that we can see how the destruction of old forms frees consciousness to evolve in new and better ways. This is true of both the destruction of a physical body, which frees consciousness to evolve in another setting through reincarnation, and the forms of a civilization, which may need to be cleared away to make way for a new civilization based on greater spiritual principles.

The details of the Divine Plan are worked out by humanity itself, after understanding the broad outlines. Each of us is responsible for carrying out ideas we receive, the fraction of the Plan related to our unique capabilities. The Plan is never revealed in its totality. Rather, it unfolds slowly, according to local need and based on the overall progress of humanity. A part of the Plan is presented, first as a new idea or revelation to those who are more consciously aware. Then it is revealed to specific groups and nations and, finally, to everyone. In a sense, history is the manifestation of Divinely inspired ideas working to “expand the Light” or overcome some great impediment in human evolution, such as slavery or racism. Those who consciously or unconsciously work along the lines of the Divine Plan receive help from the Enlightened Ones and their disciples; thus their united impact is exponentially greater than their numbers.

As the Plan passes from one group to another, many distortions occur that may have disastrous consequences. Those who are not inwardly receptive to a renewal of their original vision, or who are threatened by the coming changes and resist making adjustments, can often cause more separateness in the name of an ideal. Part of the Plan can also become obsolete as time progresses. Thus it is important to keep in touch intuitively with the changes required to avoid crystallization and ineffectiveness.

This is the main reason for conflict between idealists—those going forward with the evolving Plan and those idealists trapped in an outmoded, irrelevant part of it. The current conflict between religious fundamentalists and those practicing a spirituality based on the immanent Presence of God in all things is an example of this type of conflict. At some time in the future, when our understanding of the effects of ideas is more complete, we will study history as the unfolding of ideas from higher levels.

The Earth’s role

Our planet is a living being. It is also going through a process of spiritual growth and initiation into higher states of consciousness. All life on Earth is now going through a time of great purification and testing to align with the planet’s collective Soul. The Earth is seeking to purify its physical body (as can be seen in recent erratic weather patterns) to shake off all the pollutions and poisons that humanity has dumped on it, and to reorient itself toward Spirit. Humanity is particularly sensitive to such changes, and this results in increased stress (and sometimes disease) experienced by many people because great amounts of spiritual life force energy are attempting to express through often resistant human bodies and institutional systems.

The long-term goal is for planet Earth to become “sacred,” radiating light as do other planets that are known as sacred in the Ageless Wisdom teaching, such as Jupiter and Venus. According to David Spangler in Links with Space, in the past Earth served as a purifier for the solar system, attracting denser energies that needed to be cleansed and reunited with the whole. For ages, the Earth functioned like a kidney in the body of the solar system. But the Earth is now releasing its purification function in order to become a sacred planet.

Corinne McLaughlin is the co-founder of the Center for Visionary Leadership and the author, or co-author of Spiritual Politics, Builders of the Dawn, and The Practical Visionary. Contact her at:

Gordon Davidson is president and co-founder of The Center for Visionary Leadership and co-author of The Practical Visionary Spiritual Politics , and Builders of the Dawn. He is a Fellow of the World Business Academy and the Findhorn Foundation and a member of the Transformational Leadership Council. He consults with many organizations, and offers personal coaching for leaders.

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