Bobbi Sinha-Morey | Selected poems

Quiet Song

In the hush of summer

twilight the trees give

off a sense of listening,

the dust of August in

their leaves. The sky

stretches tight, a man-

dorla of cloud around

the sun, the air soft as

quills on my skin. Dusk

begins to undress, and,

wrapped in the presence

of a nude starry heaven,

the nakedness of my

spirit is touched by drops

of purity, that I may

discover the bowl inside:

a high-glazed hyacinth

blue that reaches to my

heart, and there it remains,

a temple for cleansing

that wakens me up to a

serene path of light crystal,

a quiet song of hope.



The Scent Of Jasmine

Autumn petals whisper

a smile in the breeze,

softening the bed of my

heart while I ease into

a sweeter grace: my legs

folded in lotus position,

the first pleasure surfacing;

wind stroking me like a

delicate lover, hope and

desire set free. I’ve only

begun to imagine the

fullness of life and, in

the dawn, I breathe in

the sunlight; it warms

my throat a long time,

and a jay finishes its

song before it takes flight.

I want to praise the cool

path the jay makes in the

sky, and my cupped palms,

roused by the gift of water

caressing their lines and

curves, forever young.

I want to touch the cloudy

tissue of heaven, and like

the scent of a jasmine

flower, I never want it to




Sacred Wings

To pray, open your whole

self to the sky, earth, and

sun, the moon. Hear the

one whole voice that is

you; and, all around,

there is more that you

can’t see, can’t know

except in moments that

steadily grow. Listen to

languages that aren’t

always sound but other

circles of motion. In the

blue sky, in the wind,

our hearts have been

swept clean with sacred

wings. Like the eagle

inside us we’re born,

and we die soon in a

true circle of motion,

rounding out the years

before us, knowing we

must take the utmost

care and kindness in

things that is us.

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