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Jenean McBrearty | Big Ugly Moose

 I LEFT ATLANTA after my father died of influenza, and my mother married Dr. Campbell. He got        offered  a position at St. Elizabeth’s Hospital in Ottawa, and claimed, “There’s no room for the boy  there, Carolyn. And with our baby coming…” “What’ll I do with him, Leslie? Put him in a military academy?” I held my breath. Mother was in love and would have done anything for […]

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Wendy Schmidt | Huckleberry Smile

Charming young boy, with the huckleberry smile, and barefoot manners.   Such bright-eyed brilliance, in wild summer days, and carefree hours.   Nothing unexplored, each small landscape, calling for fresh adventure.   Swift, shining child, flying through sunlit fields, dancing on butterfly breezes.   Be still for a moment, listen to the rustle, of wind swept branches.   Nature’s ancient voice, speaking through rushing rapids, singing a prairie poem.   […]

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Michael Gurian

Michael Gurian | The Wonder of Boys

Michael Gurian wrote the book, The Wonder of Boys, back in 1995. (He wrote The Wonder of Girls in 2003.) A therapist, author, and educator, he is the co-founder of The Gurian Institute, which informs teachers of the brain-based differences between boys and girls and how these influence the learning styles and strengths of each. The Institute’s gender-based learning strategies have been implemented in more than two thousand schools nationwide, […]

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Nicholas Powers

Nicholas Powers | Affirmative Action Orgasms

“HERE,” I SAID, AND GAVE HER A PETITE, TOURIST SHOP BELL. “If you’re stressed out, bored and want an orgasm, ring it.” She stared at me and a cascade of emotions washed over her face. “Are you serious?” She asked. Sitting next to her, I placed it in her palm. “Want me to wear a bowtie and white gloves? You can call me Mr. Belvedere.” She playfully punched my chest. […]

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