Wendy Schmidt | Huckleberry Smile

Charming young boy,
with the huckleberry smile,
and barefoot manners.
Such bright-eyed brilliance,
in wild summer days,
and carefree hours.
Nothing unexplored,
each small landscape,
calling for fresh adventure.
Swift, shining child,
flying through sunlit fields,
dancing on butterfly breezes.
Be still for a moment,
listen to the rustle,
of wind swept branches.
Nature’s ancient voice,
speaking through rushing rapids,
singing a prairie poem.
One boundless day,
while skipping stones,
you will find me.
At the river’s bend,
near the gray, gully rock,
resting on an aged willow.
Search for my name,
carefully carved,
in the craggy, brown bark.
Left by this long ago boy,
once buoyant and bold,
as you are now.



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