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Julia Poole

Julia Poole | Wrestling with Myself

ON A WINTER EVENING, I sat in my parked 4Runner, alone. From the radio, Top 40 tunes droned. Blowing snow swirled around bundled parents walking from the parking lot toward the high school building. No sense waiting any longer. After dreading this night for days, I rallied the courage to move. Slamming the 4 Runner door, I crunched across the snow-covered parking lot and then hustled through the door. A […]

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Martin Willitts, Jr. | Fathers and sons (selected poems)

Some Boys Grow In Their Father’s Shadows, Some Erase Their Father’s Shadow There are shoes that never fit. There are hammers that never pound sense. There are some fish that elude us. Some of us never measure up. Never fit in a neat category; not even close.   Some of us drop underhand tossed baseballs. Some of us will never lift weights. Some of us will wear bottle-cap glasses. Some […]

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Carol Lynn Grellas

Carol Lynn Grellas | Pandemonium

There’ll be a day my boy becomes a man; imposing wonderment inside a narrow line− beyond the road that disappears ahead, one path where truth and reverie entwine more challenging than mommies dare to say as disappointment looms in evening’s sky where once a wish was made upon a star, if only it were easier… and I am just a girl beneath this mother’s form where miracles have flourished in […]

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Amy Neill Bebergal

Amy Neill Bebergal | Selected poems

Two Spacewalking Astronauts He’d had a dream, come looking for us, maybe but we three could no longer fit in a double, so they’d traded.   The switch must have happened when I was asleep, in a dream of a whole other story, for when I turned half-circle in my trench, there lay a smaller, ropier version of my husband— little head, my coloring, gracing the pillow.   In a […]

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