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Katherine Morgan | Post Cards at the New York Historical Society

Without Sanctuary: Lynching Photography in America I am in the room with these black and white picture post cards – made to share the lynching with faraway friends or keep as a souvenir – sell to a collector to frame and hang and I am in the room, my heart beats in my throat – each photo depicts a new corpse – burned first, whipped first, naked, handcuffed. I want […]

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Kunichoff and Macaraeg | Chicago does reparations right

Somewhere between his 12th and 13th hour inside a Chicago Police Department interrogation room, Lindsey Smith decided to confess to a murder he didn’t commit. Multiple officers had pistol-whipped, stomped on, and beaten him, again and again. Convinced he would not otherwise live through the ordeal, Smith signed a false confession for the attempted murder of a 12-year-old White boy. At 17, Smith too was a boy. But with one […]

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Sarah Ghoshal | The shooting of a tired engineer

For Srinivas Kuchibhotla, from India, who was shot in a bar by a man who yelled, ‘Get out of my country!’ before killing Kuchibhotla and injuring two others. We are not separate. We move in our world as partners, aware only of our skin when it creeps over itself and around the corner of tiny minds, looks in kind, lonely bars in houses far from the city center, winter in […]

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Wendy Kennar

Wendy Kennar | Being ‘white’

A few months ago, our next door neighbor asked me if it’s ever been hard for my son to  grow up with parents of two different races. “No. It hadn’t even come up until he was in kindergarten, and his class was talking about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.,” I said. My son is almost nine; her grandson is three. Her grandson had begun asking questions and making comments about his […]

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