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John C. Mannone | Left Handed

So you think this is about left-handed people and fear that I might be saying they are a minority in a right-handed dominant society. But you’d be dead wrong, and I’d be right about the left-hand turning to open valves of closed minds. That’s what I’ve learned in school—righty tighty, lefty loosey—But the left hand of darkness looms, wants to shake you up. There is no right, or wrong, it […]

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Tom Bont | Concerning the affairs of Jeremiah James

I am putting to ink the events which took place in the year of our Lord 1967 outside the town of Crockett, Texas. I have refused to discuss this matter with anyone, save God, for the last 50 years. However, as I near the end of my life, I feel posterity will forget the affairs surrounding the disappearance of Jeremiah James when my body settles back into the dust from […]

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