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The one-man revolution | An interview with David Gross

Chances are you’ve never heard of David Gross, a 50-year-old white male who lives in California and works as a technical writer for software engineers. He has no claim to fame and isn’t seeking any. I came across him half-a-dozen years ago by way of his website, “The Picket Line,” on which is posted his essay (reprinted here): The One-Man Revolution (The Only One That’s Coming). Although written to encourage […]

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Michael Pilarski | The power of one, amplified over a lifetime

The Power of One is multiplied by the ripple effect that spreads out from our individual actions. For instance, I calculate that I have personally planted 70,000+ trees.  Certainly many have died for one reason or another, but many are still alive and busy sequestering carbon, providing food, habitat, and so on, and some are making seeds that grow into trees and make more seeds and so on.  My brother, […]

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Christina Hornett | Bird clan

“You are so much like your Aunt Dani.” These words always brought a smile of pride to my face. More so if my mother had a note of disdain in her voice when she said it. Good, I would think, because I want to be nothing like you. Aunt Dani did not live near us. She was nomadic. Letters and postcards were delivered to our mailbox from all sorts of […]

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Elizabeth Hoyle | Special delivery

I used to think that the pages of books were like feathers: soft, warm, and able to carry you away with a little rustling. I pray with every hope in my heart that my younger thoughts were right. Each step I take brings me closer to that jagged wire fence. I know I need to get closer, even though my feet and my stomach don’t want me to. I had […]

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