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Gerald Stanek

Gerald Stanek | Sighting…and Compassion

Sighting through twilight she moves towards me luminous gossamer spanning the eastern sky amidst thousands deep in darkness I crave her notice but a call, gesture or breath would disenchant she is metaphor one of myriad masks embodied grace radiating equally on all yet I see my not the beloved at last her gentle gaze pierces my heart I am raised a clarion rings over the valley someone’s phone flashes […]

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Leslee Goodman | ‘The curse’…and a blessing

I KNEW IT WOULD HAPPEN EVENTUALLY. It had already to most of my friends. Mom had even told me what to expect before she died—before we even went to the Dominican Republic, the summer before I started junior high. Still, it was a shock to stand up from the toilet and see blood in the water. I yelped like a stepped-on puppy and stared, fascinated, at the clot of red […]

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Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee

Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee | Embracing the Beloved

To meet You I look at face after face, appearance after appearance…. To see Your face I pass by like the morning wind. — Al-Hallâj A woman is God shining through subtle veils. — Rûmî [1] Falling in love A young man once came to a Sufi sheikh with the intention of becoming one of his disciples. He had read many books about the path and begun practicing austerities. But to […]

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MOON Shine | Resurrecting the divine feminine

“This too I feel in my bones and in my soul – the season of the sacred feminine is upon us, bringing with it a return to a simpler, natural, life-centered ethos that puts people and the environment above money and things.”  ― Karen Clark “Everything that comes into life has two sides, a masculine and feminine quality, even love. The masculine side of love is “I love you.” Longing […]

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