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Ariana Barrett | The Moon as mentor

In astrology, the Moon represents our core needs. It is our primal self, our default operating system. The Moon is who we are before our head wakes up in the morning, an essential string of consciousness that connects us with the instrument that is our soul. When the lunar orb rises up in the sky and does what she does, whether it’s becoming full or birthing new, every lunar movement […]

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Lunar wisdom | An interview with Anthony Aveni

Anthony F. Aveni is Russell Colgate Distinguished University Professor of Astronomy and Anthropology and Native American Studies Emeritus at Colgate University. He began his career as an astrophysicist, but soon became interested in cultural astronomy—the study of how various peoples and cultures have viewed astronomical events.  His research led him to develop the field of archaeoastronomy and is considered one of the founders of Mesoamerican archaeoastronomy for his research in […]

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Steve Price | Where the moon gets its light

Long ago when the Earth was young and not quite old, the Creator of all things set about the task of creating the universe. He created Sun and gave him his fire, for Sun is the life force for all living things. He keeps the Earth warm and commands the day. The Creator then formed the stars in the heavens to tell the seasons and the future. They have a […]

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