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In astrology, the Moon represents our core needs. It is our primal self, our default operating system. The Moon is who we are before our head wakes up in the morning, an essential string of consciousness that connects us with the instrument that is our soul.

When the lunar orb rises up in the sky and does what she does, whether it’s becoming full or birthing new, every lunar movement and expression plucks that string in us, much like a musician strumming a guitar, creating a resonance that pushes ripples of energy. This energy can be channeled into divine music if we take the time to read the music of ourselves.

This last eclipse cycle strummed us all in profoundly personal ways, as individuals in the United States, as well as collectively, and it’s not too late to dance to with it! There is still ample opportunity over the next few months to link up to the Moon and the waves created from this eclipse.

One of the things that is special about an eclipse cycle is the simultaneous occurrence of a completion and a beginning, a culmination of one cycle, concurrent with initiation of another. That complex process does not generally happen with the Moon in such an instantaneous way. We normally have a liminal period where there is no light in the night skies as the Moon’s mysteries assimilate and regenerate our psyches for a new level of being. Since that grace period happens monthly, it’s easy to take it for granted. We might get a little intense, or even loony, at the full Moon but it subsides quickly and we are back to our lives, feeling relatively sane. We may not even notice the subtle changes in ourselves.

As it happens, the culminating energy of the most recent solar eclipse came with the initiating energies of the new Moon, a time of beginnings, of seeding. This already potent time is amplified as the Sun bows in rare but gallant humility and service behind the Lunar orb to imbue it with the full force of it universal power. Add to it the conjunction (proximity) with the star Regulus and you have your very own atomic energy source.

With that re-union, a mundane process of manifesting our hopes and dreams becomes a coronation where the King and the Queen themselves stand in complete union, the perfect androgyne. There was no longer a day and a night. There was perfect symmetry, perfect union…some might call it God(dess). Where duality dissolves, the boundaries between us, our hearts’ desires, and the most essential expression of our destiny dissolve also.

Also bear in mind that the cycle began with the initiating energy of a lunar eclipse (which occurred on August 7th)  and culminated with the solar eclipse while the Moon was new, simultaneously initiating another lunar cycle that will carry us to the next full moon (September 6) and so on. We can create a long-term legacy with this energy if we are willing to cultivate deep listening and ride the waves of this cycle indefinitely.

The biggest waves of energy from this most recent eclipse cycle should last for about six months. That gives us plenty of time to align with those energies using monthly ritual specifically targeted to address the location of each new moon and full moon as it lands in your natal astrology chart. Eclipse cycles are a time ripe with dynamic opportunity to go deeper into ourselves and mine for all that is precious and sacred to us, especially those things that may have seemed out of reach. As with all things lunar, dreams are a key component. Dreams from our souls, expressed with our heart, are especially poignant and worthy of our greatest attention during the eclipse cycle and the months following. What does your soul long for? Why have you come here to live this life? When all is quiet, what is the essence that arises from deep inside of you? Those are the questions you have the best chance of answering during eclipse cycles and the assimilation period following them if you dare to allow yourself to listen deeply. If you cultivate fearless compassion and relentless devotion to nurturing the discovery and fulfillment of your own personal symphony.

We are all going home to that Union that was symbolized by the Moon reuniting with the Sun. Every act of surrender to self-love and unconditional love for all aspects of ourselves dissolves the illusion that we are separate from our God(dess) self, our Buddha nature, our Christ Consciousness, or whatever you choose to name it. Use the energy from this eclipse cycle to know and love yourself. That is what the world needs most from all of us right now, to be the divine expression of our souls.

10956995_778891638846227_4508589777224815210_nAriana Barrett is an internationally known psychological astrologer whose dedication and commitment to her own personal growth led her to discover the evolutionary vehicle of astrology as it relates to cultivating human potential. Ariana has been a student of astrology for over two decades, writes, conducts workshops, offers life coaching as well as private readings. Ariana’s overriding intention and purpose in life is to support and inspire people to be fully expressed and masterfully engaged in their lives. She believes that turning to meet ourselves, one another and all of life with deep compassion, courage, and unwavering love provides a fertile ground for transformation and joy. She is donating 50% of private session fees to the Hurricane Harvey animal rescue and relief effort.; cashtag is 805-637-9242. 

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