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Marisa Urgo

Marisa Urgo | After the Fall and After That

“Leah! Good news and bad news.” Will sounded hurried, as he always did at the start of our calls. The busiest man I’ve ever met, Will began briskly, likely running to an audition or callback, but laughter would always blossom into fruitful conversation like the way cells grow rapidly in my lab. “Good news: I’m visiting Benton for the weekend! I’m staying at your place, by the way. If that’s […]

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Matt McGee | Selected poems

Waking Up in Strange Places I’d been hacking away for two days on a new story about a girl with the moon over her shoulder, the words shooting out like a dream but the ending wouldn’t come, it just…wouldn’t. I grabbed the laptop and headed to the corner bar where Ashley poured me a Shocktop fed me a sandwich, chatted, eventually accepted my bill, and when she turned to make […]

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Lindsey Bellosa

Lindsey Bellosa | Selected poems

Lucidity One of you I willed into existence: as though piecing together a dream— mystery becoming science.   The other simply appeared: pink lines like sun on the horizon— a lazy afternoon, startled.   It doesn’t matter which is which. Like sunsets or dreams, you both travel beyond my mind’s grasp: too much   beauty for me to capture, or retain. Creation is an artist; a mother bears its miracles: […]

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Rydal Cave by Norcross

Cristina M. R. Norcross | Selected poems

Future Breathing Once upon a time, we thought our bodies had outlines. We thought that one heart was distinct from the next. We thought that touch was the only connection.   There is nothing between us now. The distant past of disconnection no longer contains the human spirit. Thoughts, words, actions – float just above the earth walkers. Now we are truly one.   Blue-white chords – strands that link […]

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