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John Enrico Douglas | Two poems for Svetlana

To Svetlana Tuesday May 20, 7:00 am I, peninsula You, the sea Vulcan on the cliff’s edge Venus on the shore Your soft touch Creates order from entropy Focusing my ev’ry particle To love you more and more — What it feels like to be chosen What it feels like to be chosen? Something like the opposite of frozen A heart–heat originating from somewhere center Coursing every channel warm blood […]

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Julaina Kleist-Corwin | Hiccups

THE HOSPICE STAFF had placed the hospital bed in the middle of the living room as directed by the patient, my ex-husband, Ron, who wanted to be in the center of activities instead of tucked away in the bedroom. When the filtered sunlight through the front window became too bright for him, drapes layered the sheers. No longer could the Japanese maple’s leaves flash patterns on the carpet and on […]

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Matthew Harrison | Time enough

TIME’S PASSING VARIES with our mood. When we feel good, time passes quickly. When we feel bad, time slows down. That’s how it is for most of us. But for Sancho it was the reverse. It didn’t start that way. For most of his life, Sancho experienced time just like everyone else. When he was arrested and the police were beating him, time passed slowly. And when they stopped, it […]

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Joanna Zarkadas

Joanna Zarkadas | A letter to my son

ALL MY LIFE I have heard people talk about love. Everyone says that love is enough. Love is the answer. Love heals all wounds. I believed it all. So, when you were three days old, I took you from your birth mother’s arms and brought you home from the hospital, absolutely certain that if I filled you to the brim and more with love, I could guarantee you a lifetime […]

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