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Oliver Stone’s The Untold History of the United States If you’re wondering how a movie made by Oliver Stone could end up on anyone’s “Movies You Might’ve Missed List,” it’s because Stone made this film as a 10-part documentary series for Showtime. And because it tells an unflinching narrative. “The prevailing notions of American ‘altruism, benevolence, and self-sacrifice’ have never been challenged quite so effectively for such a wide audience,” […]

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Nicholas Powers | Now all men

“I DON’T KNOW WHY you girls aren’t attracted to me,” he said into the camera. “But I will punish you all for it.” The next day, on May 24, news headlines said that a young man named Elliot Rodger in Isla Vista, California, drove around stabbing and shooting until six people were dead. He crashed his car and shot himself dead, leaving families to mourn slain loved ones. And he […]

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William Rivers Pitt | The Astonishing Privilege of Fatherhood

IT BEGINS IN THE DAWN’S EARLY LIGHT with a coo, or a thump, or “Ho jeez,” or “A-duk-a-duk-a-duk-a-duk,” or “Da da dee da dee da dah” coming out of the baby monitor that stands at attention on my dresser. You could run a freight train past my pillow, yank-start a chainsaw next to my head, or fire a 21-cannon salute through my bedroom wall at that hour, and odds are […]

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Gerald Stanek

Gerald R. Stanek | The Initiation Game

PLAY WITH ME, I plead. You smile and nod. With a sweeping gesture befitting a sideshow illusionist, I unveil a glittering array of game pieces to choose from. There are the usual suspects: the thimble, the top hat, the baldheaded pegs and pawns; but in this game we have other options, which you are quick to note: the intricate sri yantra, the sturdy square and compass, the rosy cross, the […]

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