John Enrico Douglas | Two poems for Svetlana

To Svetlana
Tuesday May 20, 7:00 am

I, peninsula
You, the sea
Vulcan on the cliff’s edge
Venus on the shore
Your soft touch
Creates order from entropy
Focusing my ev’ry particle
To love you more and more

What it feels like to be chosen

What it feels like to be chosen?
Something like the opposite of frozen
A heart–heat originating from somewhere center
Coursing every channel warm blood can enter

“I have to tell you something . . .” you began
But then paused for what seemed like a life span
My gut clenched up, not sure what to expect
Wondering if my heart was about to be shipwrecked

But your eyes, then smile, then soft, soothing voice
Brought light and joy as you unveiled your choice
Trepidation to ecstasy, bottom to top
Fears and cares evaporated without a teardrop

Now and then the blind archer’s aim can be true
Like you chose me, I chose you too.


Photo credit: Paul Wellman

Photo credit: Paul Wellman

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