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Harry Youtt | Partners

Canoe and Swans Sometimes their canoe will coast, gliding over silence, in an almost-sunshine day that so far hasn’t begun to ripple the water. The two of them seem to know where they want it to go, even without clunk or splash of a guiding paddle. Her back leans warm against his shins. He feels her hair brushing his knees, as they watch the mist try to rise from the […]

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Jennifer and Peter Buffett

Conscious partnership | An interview with Jennifer and Peter Buffett

Peter and Jennifer Buffett are the founders of the NoVo Foundation, which they created in 2006 to “foster a transformation from a world of domination and exploitation to one of collaboration and partnership.” That being a huge undertaking, the foundation has broken its work into investments in four key areas: supporting women and girls, particularly adolescent girls in the U.S. and Global South and ending violence against girls and women; investing […]

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Anne-Marie Charest

Anne-Marie Charest | The gifts of a conscious partnership

As children, we are taught that princes and princesses live happily ever after. Unfortunately for most, this fairytale quickly turns into disenchantment with the tough reality and challenges that relationships create along the way. According to research published by Paul Amato (2010), 46% of marriages will end in divorce. By the time we are in our early teens, many of us will have already experienced firsthand the hardship and pain […]

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Maria Yraceburu  | Conscious partnership with Earth

A traditional indigenous relationship with Earth Mother and Creation is exactly that—a relationship. As an indigenous keeper of traditional wisdom, I am the result of generations of Holy Ones who worked in harmony with the entities of the Great Mystery…the unseen forces with whom we constantly exchange energy. My sense is that many of the people who are curious about a conscious partnership with the planet today have yet to […]

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