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Tiffany Lee Brown | And we

                the last friend leaves. the imprint of her daughter’s swish-and-fall remains on the ice sheet outside the garage door. these are good sports, these friends, to fall and laugh. enacting the deep silence of solo home: i stand in my slippers and listen. constant thrum of HEPA filters. staccato burst of water-churn from the new washing machine. scritchyhoo of fluorescent light over […]

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Ian Woollen | Muir Woods or bust

The two men emerged from the car and cautiously approached the steps to the porch. Marvella’s eyes flickered with recognition. The rest of her regal bearing gave away nothing. Large and in charge. The rocking chair creaked. “Marvella, what happened to all your cows?” Doyle asked. “We didn’t see any cows on the way in.” “Sickness from the electrical towers,” Marvella answered. “Of course, you were long gone when the […]

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