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Matthew Harrison | The portfolio

That summer we had a glimpse of infinity, Cathy and I. Being young we soon forgot what happened, and carried on with our lives. But as the years passed, I recalled that summer and thought about it more and more. The implications of the deal we struck then are coming home to me now. When I first saw the guy in Cathy’s restaurant, he didn’t look like much. He was […]

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Anuja Ghimire | Tabula rasa and more

Tabula Rasa Let’s use a wet rag To wipe our minds clean That smudge of green worry The stain of red grudge And that chunk of blue angst Doesn’t the sky start fresh every night As the stars scatter across And the moon changes her mood? Isn’t the river reborn every moment As the currents constantly leave And the ripples pretend to stay? Forget that you know me at all […]

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Gerald Stanek | Hammer

Hammer It’s more than just a hunk of intricately carved wood, isn’t it I think I felt that as soon as I set eyes on it it moved me the lotus, the open palms, the slight smile not merely a piece of art beautifully wrought, don’t get me wrong yet it surpasses what even the artist intended to me beyond symbolic, it’s my chosen avatar representing all I want to […]

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Larry Thacker | The question rises

The question rises without permission, like the sun or moon. You must struggle with this question, with where it leads, with what it asks of you.   A tree once stood here, did it not? I’m sure of it, you think. I’m sure. Look around, find your bearings, remember your time here before. Stare at the sawdust under your feet, fresh with the faintness of gasoline soaked into what remains […]

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