Gerald Stanek | Hammer


It’s more than just a hunk of intricately carved wood, isn’t it
I think I felt that as soon as I set eyes on it
it moved me
the lotus, the open palms, the slight smile
not merely a piece of art
beautifully wrought, don’t get me wrong
yet it surpasses what even the artist intended
to me
beyond symbolic, it’s my chosen avatar
representing all I want to bring into my life
benevolence, contemplation, serenity
these are what I was placing in my spirit
by bringing the statue into my living room
the whole process was a metaphor
and I knew it right from the start
which is why it was so maddening
when the moronic mover snickered
It’s not gonna fit, dude,
and I
Whaddya mean it’s not gonna fit?
Get me a hammer






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