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Into the Wild

September Movies You Might’ve Missed

The Edge of Eden: Living with Grizzlies This 2006 documentary, produced and directed by Jeff and Sue Turner, showcases the life and work of Charlie Russell as he raises orphaned grizzly bear cubs in the wilderness of Russia’s Southern Kamchatka peninsula.  Becoming their surrogate mother, Russell struggles to keep his cubs alive and teach them everything they need to survive in the wild. Through flashbacks, we learn with Russell from […]

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Deb Hirt

Deb Hirt | The twentieth hour

The grandfather clock is ticking in its corner nearly ready to explode with its chimes at the twentieth hour. The open window is welcoming the warm breeze that has been entering throughout the day, the curtains fluttering with each breath. It is approaching twilight, and the sun has given its final goodbye kiss for the day, the afterglow just barely caressing the horizon with its warm, orange-red blanket. The geese […]

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Lynx Vilden hunting

Lynx Vilden | The Call of the Wild

Lynx Vilden, a barefoot blonde in buckskin clothing, has carved her own unique path in the world—a path that used to be natural to all of us, but no longer is. While most have us have grown more and more distant from our roots in the Earth, Lynx has intentionally grown closer. She has explored the natural environments and indigenous cultures of arctic, mountain, and desert regions from Hudson Bay […]

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Katie Pugh

Katie Pugh | Wild Flower

Outside the hospital window, the leaves looked greener, a soft but effervescent emerald. When the sun shone, it was brighter, a buttery beacon. Even the rain lulled, soothed, wrapped around her senses like a blanket. Pippa stared into the world outside, her head turned away from the door; away from the two men and Bobby, her two-day-old baby. “Bed rest,” the doctor said to Donald, her husband. She didn’t hear […]

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