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Beyond words | Healing communication

“Think vibrations. Think waves. You do not need words to communicate. All of nature, all animals, can and do communicate wordlessly, humans included. Release your dependence on the spoken word, the written word, the conceptual word, and aim to know what is being communicated. Pay more attention to feeling and knowing. You can communicate quite well with those who do not speak your own language, for in fact you are all radiating the same basic […]

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Bob Findysz | What comes from silence…and Space

What comes from silence? My world is polluted by noise and racket. Mechanical din from mobile machines  —automobile, autobus, motorcycle, helicopter, airplane,  bulldozer, cement mixer,  lawn mower–automatic espresso makers, dishwashers, air conditioners,  vacuum cleaners, chainsaws,  jackhammers,  bike bells;  electronic blight from high and low tech: a cacophony of music blaring from unseen amplifiers, irritating beeps from constant messages and apps on ubiquitous smart phones, TVs and radios full of bad […]

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