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Diane Giardi

Diane Giardi | Selected poems

Even in death, mobility (New York Times headline, Oct. 25th, 2011) Even in death there is movement. The soul kayaks out, spirit climbs the Stairmaster, vision hang-glides, perception, reception, bungee-jumps, senses dance, a final drum song. Even in death, action. Forces transpire, take hold, transform, manifest. The heart still stirring, brain still carrying remains of vitality, now transmitting, dematerializing, dissolving into a sacred, intangible world. Even in death ethereal ripples. […]

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Joanna Zarkadas | The last lullaby

There is an etiquette to death That is revealed to you by grace As you stumble through This unfamiliar territory Of saying good-bye to someone Far too young to be leaving this earth   There is the holding of hands The caressing of arms and feet The gentle stroking of a head Now bald from the ravages of disease And the singing of lullabies   There is the welcoming of […]

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George Northrop

George H. Northrup | Selected poems

Trading Places The pavement underneath my feet reassures me on a day like this. I’m still on top, not yet the flat stone’s opportunity to feel superior. We have an understanding, take our turns. — Post Mortem I open my eyes—and die, put on my bathrobe, pass away, walk into the kitchen and expire.   Eating oatmeal I come to an end. While showering I perish.   As I pull […]

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Changming Yuan

Changming Yuan | Selected poems

The Moment My Soul Becomes an Electron on the Moon I find myself lost in a space of dark densities, where The sun wind keeps blowing hard in all directions   Traveling as fast as light with other fellow electrons I recognize few of them as my former acquaintances   Before swarming into antennas, sensors, end users We all slough off our clothes made of digital codes   As we […]

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