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Joan Kantor | ‘Becoming her’ and ‘Ride of a lifetime’

Becoming Her There was a woman I greatly admired   She was caring creative self-confident daring   She was smart and had a career She completed herself as a wife and mother while I cowered and cringed filled with fear   For me risks weren’t an option   Then I began to come into my own The process was slow   I married a man who believed in my growth […]

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Girl running in red jacket

Casey FitzSimons | A view of my daughter’s childhood and other poems

A View of My Daughter’s Childhood She pulled violently away from me with shouts I saw but did not hear and tore rudely through other pedestrians who lost packages, stumbled. A block away, her coat a-sail, still she shouldered on, offending. Behind rushing forms I lost sight of her, caught sight of her hair, swinging, a leg, now and then, until she slowed, lunging and panting further on and walked […]

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Martin Willits

Martin Willitts, Jr. | One girl…and God is not amused

One Girl One girl; that is what it takes to say “no” in a world of men thinking they know what is best for the girl, never asking.   One girl; that is what it takes to run away, in a direction she does not know, except it is not where she came from, and she fears going back.   One girl; is a dangerous voice to the men thinking […]

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Shelby Mahogany Wilson

Shelby Wilson | Real Women Have Tattoos

Real women wear their tattoos below the surface of the skin Permanently painted on by tragedy Shuffling around the pain of love’s despair Etched in the foundation of their experiences Marks imprinted on the soul   Real woman conceal their tattoos among the pain Riding the edges of their memories Only to peer out when being attacked Or when left in a vulnerable state Cracked, faded by the clock of […]

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