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Martin Willits

Martin Willitts, Jr. | I can make this happen whenever I want

With practice I have been able to generate an invisible ball of energy with definite size and curvature my hands can circumnavigate   and when I bring it towards the center of my chest a rush like wild horses over a hill of wildness, or a woman’s hands pass through me   everything vanishes even myself part taken elsewhere husk left behind time is irrelevant molecules mix with blood platelets […]

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Claudine Nash

Claudine Nash | You wasted nothing

You wasted nothing. You breathed energy into the ozone, recycling atoms of spent oxygen into pockets of positively charged air. Micro moments were deemed thrilling things, snow and sand flecks of thin but wondrous matter. You savored day’s existence, wiping clean near empty slates, prizing every piece of light that wrapped around each eyelash. You didn’t spend an instant nursing anything but exuberance, spilling anything into the atmosphere that wasn’t […]

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George Northrop

George H. Northrup | Daydream in an anchored sailboat

It is almost like flying, rocking here on the waves as the bay itself glides across bedrock hovering on a fiery liquid core.   And the whole planet spins around, dangles in the thrall of a far-off star suspended in the dizzy tension of a great galactic web.   The entire universe is floating in frictionless flight, and even were it to fall, it would have nowhere to crash except […]

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Dennis W. Schwesinger

Dennis J. Schwesinger | We meet again

A gorgon haled me when I walked across the pasture. It had eaten a cow I loved, asked me what I thought I might do about it. I shrugged. He was a giant gorgon and strode away jerking side to side with laughter.   We dream sometimes of things we can’t remember: a strange place, another lifetime. I never loved a cow and Don’t believe in gorgons. But it was […]

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